Start Making The Art You’re Afraid Of, It Will Change Your Life Forever

Start Making The Art You're Afraid Of, It Will Change Your Life Forever
Start Making The Art You’re Afraid Of, It Will Change Your Life Forever

Creating the life you want can be a daunting task. Often, we find ourselves paralyzed by the idea of something new that we can’t muster up the courage to start. With creative work and the pursuit of our passions, this hesitance and fear can cause us to remain at a stand still. In fact, we convince ourselves that going after what we want is unreachable and out of our control.

The act of creating art can be terrifying for any creative. Even if you have been practicing your craft for years, have found recognition and success, any new project brings apprehension. Yet, even though we may struggle with this constant, internalized tug of war – we have to realize that it’s time to start conquering and squashing our fears.

Create The Work That Scares You

In truth, we should create the art we are most afraid of. In order to grow as an individual and artist, we must challenge ourselves to start the things that make us uncomfortable and push us outside our comfort zones.

There are many reasons why we are scared to pursue the things we really want. We fear rejection, disapproval and critique. Often, we have self-doubt and convince ourselves that no matter how hard we try, we will never be good enough. So, we create this insurmountable pressure, anxiety and stress that bleeds into our creative pursuits. More times than none, we are our own worst enemy.

Yet, with realizing this we can make a positive move toward a more healthy artistic future. Once you begin to create the art you want, the art that really terrifies you – is when you can finally start to develop into the person you want to be. Your style is always evolving and figuring out what can take it to the next level will only be beneficial. Taking that leap into your creative fears will change your life forever.

You may be scared to create that new book of poems, completely alter your photographic style or set up an important meeting with a new client. Yet, each of these steps of action are one of many toward a more beautiful and fulfilling creative lifestyle. Once you cast aside your own personal doubts, let go of societal and industry expectations, you will realize that the art you always wanted to create is anything but scary.

Push Your Artistic Limits

In fact, the art that scares you is the kind worth making. It will push your creatively, intellectually and emotionally to mold yourself into a new kind of artist. It will allow you to reexamine your intentions and finally express your truest self without reservation. Making the art that you love, that expresses your innate abilities and strengths will only lead to a more fulfilling career and professional journey.

Creating art will always be difficult. It will never stop being a craft that requires your complete and total dedication. Yet, once you begin to step outside the box and put your vision into tangible action – your life can only change for the better. This new persona and identity will allow you to share your art with confidence and excitement – pushing you to reach new heights and develop projects that feel like a true extension of yourself. Making this art may take time, patience and perseverance, but once you take the leap, your creative life will change forever.