Living In The Moment As A Photographer

If you’re a photographer, how do you live in the moment?

How do you stay present? Can you?

California-based videographer Connelly Molnar believes there is a difference between documenting a moment and experiencing a moment.

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PLEASE READ + RESPOND For the longest time I’ve been trying to find a way to explain why traveling for me isn’t what you all think it is. I’ve officially come to the conclusion after doing an interview with @h_collective During this interview they asked me “How do you balance documenting, and experiencing?” This literally blew my mind because it was the answer I’d been looking for as to why I sometimes find myself on amazing trips and become overwhelmed or stressed. . As a photographer/videographer the balance between documenting and experiencing is very hard to find. You either go on vacation, or go to work. Very very rarely is it both! In some cases work can be vacation, but there is ALWAYS expectations I must meet when I go to these amazing places. . Whether it’s an expectation in my head as to how I want to film the trip to make a video that can some how inspire people, or an expectation a company has for the work they are paying for! Either way, as a creator my mind is always seeing things differently. When I look at a car driving down a road I think of how I could film that car and make it look like the most bad a** car ever! My mind is constantly seeing things in a films perspective. I always try to envision the best in everything so I can make it seem like the best in the work I make. . This is a blessing, and a curse. I know. Is this the case for others? How do you find balance between documenting and experiencing things?

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When he documents, he blocks everything else out – the people, what it looks like through his eyes – and simply focuses on the camera. What does it look like, coming through the camera? What does it look like with that lens? 

When he wants to experience the moment and stay present, he puts his camera down. He looks at the people around him and seeing how they are reacting to the space around them.

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I never want these memories to fade.

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Though documenting and experiencing a moment can intertwine, he believes that there needs to be a balance.

There are different kinds lifestyle videos and if you manage to capture the pure and in the moment videos, then that’s when you find the balance between documenting and experiencing. Get the shots you need and then take the time to experience the moments you have while you still can.