Living In The Moment As A Photographer

If you’re a photographer, how do you live in the moment?

How do you stay present? Can you?

California-based videographer Connelly Molnar believes there is a difference between documenting a moment and experiencing a moment.

When he documents, he blocks everything else out – the people, what it looks like through his eyes – and simply focuses on the camera. What does it look like, coming through the camera? What does it look like with that lens? 

When he wants to experience the moment and stay present, he puts his camera down. He looks at the people around him and seeing how they are reacting to the space around them.

Though documenting and experiencing a moment can intertwine, he believes that there needs to be a balance.

There are different kinds lifestyle videos and if you manage to capture the pure and in the moment videos, then that’s when you find the balance between documenting and experiencing. Get the shots you need and then take the time to experience the moments you have while you still can.