The Rebirth of Film Photography & How to Get Started

Brooklyn-based photographer Chris Cook introduced himself to film photography 5 years ago, with a Canon A1.

While getting into skateboarding, a friend suggested he get into photography too. At the beginning, Chris shot film inconsistently because he didn’t have a flow or a system to process and develop his film…yet.

Now, he shoots frequently and uses a series of different cameras, like Pentax or Hasselblad, depending on the type of shoot and the vibe of the shoot.

Chris prefers film over digital because of the hands-on experience for both himself and for others. He loves printing his work and being able to hold it in his hands and see its process from start to finish. He likes the ways in which film is explored by other people and experimented with through polaroids and expired film.

He advises aspiring film photographers who are exploring cameras to read the manual and watch tutorials online to see how other people use it. If you’re confused or frustrated, ask questions, because there will always be someone willing to help you.