Sights And Sounds Of New York With Daniel Schaefer

music cred: Ellis Rovin

In its very nature, New York is both overstimulating and underwhelming.

You have to accept the inevitable chaos that is this city and you have to be ready for whatever it brings you.

With energetic nonsense that he finds to be the most photogenic, he captures the moments when people are standing under the right light, when they appear to be the most magical. There is mundanity on every corner, too, and with that, he photographs a laundromat and the people that take up that space.

He believes that your art can come from whatever you see. Whatever New York City serves you, you can decide if you want to digest it. If you do, you can create something from that.

Along with being a photographer and a writer, Daniel Schaefer is just another person doing his best to show the New York story.

This is what he sees.