How To Create Your Own Drool-Worthy Color Palette For Your Portfolio or Instagram

How To Create Your Own Drool-Worthy Color Palette For Your Portfolio or Instagram
Matt Le

Instagram is a great platform for creativity. You choose what to post, with the subject matter, the tone, the theme, the captions, and everything in between. That’s the beauty of creativity–there’s so much freedom in it. But if you’re in the mood to change up the vibe of your account, think about creating a specific color palette.

There are a number of Instagram accounts that have been doing this: posting photos with a specific color scheme. Whether if they focus on cool tones or warm tones or only post black and white photos, it works for them. Why? They’re consistent.

I’m not saying that if you’re a photographer you need to have a consistent color palette in your portfolio or on your Instagram, but if you want to change things up or roll with a specific inspirational journey, then do it!

However, if photographers create and/or edit with a color palette in mind, it might get them into the habit of formatting all of their work with that specific color palette in mind and potentially inhabiting their creativity. But if you’re stuck and need some kind of change or some kind of inspiration, a color palette is the way to go.

So let’s get into it, then!

How to create your own color palette for Instagram:

Pick a tone.

If you’re more attracted to warm colors, have your feed be full of tans, browns, whites. If you like bright colors or more cool colors, make your feed match your vibes. No matter what subject you take photos of, whether if it may be the beach or a cup of coffee or the plants on your windowsill, roll with whatever color tone feels right to you. 

Edit and plan your photos.

When you edit your photos, think about the colors. Use VSCO, Photoshop, or any other editing app to figure out what vibe you’re going for. Use an app to preview your palette and plan your feed. Everything will feel more organized and put together if you take the time to make it something great.

Be consistent. 

Whatever subject you choose to post, no matter what the tone, be consistent. They want something that they can expect. People look at your profile and decide whether or not they want to follow you, depending on if your posts are consistent in something, whether if it’s a theme or a color palette or anything else in between.

If you want to create your own drool-worthy color palette for your Instagram, you need to work with what fits you best and be consistent. You should want your Instagram followers to expect something from you, and a consistent color palette should be one of them.