If You Want Your Work To Resonate With Others, It Has To Come From The Most Honest Place Within You

When you’re a creative, you’re most likely inspired by and inspiring other creatives. Whether if you’re a videographer, a photographer, a writer, or any other artist in between, you’re making something impactful.

Honesty resonates with people because it shows vulnerability and though that can be scary, it’s an inspiring thing nonetheless.

If you want your work to resonate with others, it has to come from the most honest place within you.

Capture moments of something personal and relatable. Don’t take photos or videos that are similar to what other people are taking photos and videos of. If you don’t genuinely feel some type of way about the work you’re creating or trying to create, then try something different. Work smarter, not harder.

Don’t create something that you’re not genuinely, wholeheartedly passionate about.

Write about something that means something to you. Don’t put yourself in a box with a number of other writers who are writing about similar things. Write the way you want to write and about things you want to write about, whatever it is that sparks a fire in you. Don’t think about what is aesthetically pleasing or popular. Write what you know and do what you know–that’s honest.

You want to be personable and you want to be unique.

Whatever you’re creating, be vulnerable about it.

People who are seeing your work will appreciate it more when it has honest intentions and passion embedded in it.  Be raw. Be open. That’s what art is about anyway, right?