4 Reasons Why A Vision Board Will Help You Manifest The Life You Want (No, Seriously)

Think about the life you want.

The possessions, the people, the opportunities to travel–anything you desire, you can have.

Have you heard of The Secret? The Law of Attraction, I mean. “Thoughts become things.” It’s the belief that if you put your desires in the hands of the universe, it will give you what you want. If you have a vision for the life you want, no matter what it is, you can have it.

There’s a number of things you could do to practice manifestation and the law of attraction: meditation, journaling, creating vision boards. I’ve managed to obtain a number of things from my vision board (my dream apartment and dream job, just to name a couple things!) and I know people who say the same thing about their vision boards. It’s like magic.

Vision boards are powerful tools to help you get the life you want. If you don’t know where to start with making your dreams a reality, start with some arts and crafts.

1. It helps you organize your thoughts.

Think about your dreams, your goals, your aspirations. What you think about, you bring about. No matter what you want, you have to write it down. Organize your thoughts and turn them into something pretty and motivating, like a vision board. If you have a lot of thoughts going through your head, creating a vision board will help you get unstuck.

2. It inspires and motivates you to go after what you really want.

I’m not just talking about objects you’ve been eyeballing, like that perfume or that jean jacket you saw online the other day. I mean things that matter the most: good health, a happy relationship, a great career, opportunities to travel. With a vision board, you take the time to really focus on what you want and that strength and determination alone will get you what you want.

3. It forces you to take action.

Whatever you find inspiring or motivating, put it on the vision board. Cut out photos from magazines or print photos you’ve seen online and put it on the vision board. Manifestation as a physical thing seems to hold more strength, like you’re actually holding what you want in your hands. You know what I mean? It forces you to do something about what you want. You’re making moves.

4. It proves that what you focus on grows.

Good things take time. We all know that to be true. The Law of Attraction works with time just as much as it works with your determination and faith in the way the universe works. If you focus on what you want, whatever it may be, it’ll come to you. Your thoughts become things. Your thoughts become things. Your thoughts become things.

There’s so much that goes into the Law of Attraction, and if you want to know more, read the book or watch the documentary on Netflix. If you think about the life you want the most, put it in front of you (a giant poster above your bed, for example!), it will come to you when you least expect it.

Work towards the life you want to.


Create something amazing.