Why The Most Pivotal Moments In Your Career Often Begin With Your Biggest Failures

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No great success was ever achieved without failure. Now, this is a quote we know to be true. In fact, as you are growing and shaping your creative career, you will be tried and tested on the path to success.

Failure is a valuable part of life. It teaches you how to grow, reevaluate and accept that things don’t always go according to plan. In the face of failure, this is when we can decide what kind of person and professional we want to be. We can see what is working for us and what is holding us back.

In fact, the failures we face will be some of the biggest challenges in our life. We will have to accept that this is a part of the process. This is why the most pivotal moments in your career often begin with your biggest failures.

You’ll Be Knocked Down And Have To Pick Yourself Back Up

The hardest thing about experiencing failure is having to overcome the disappointment and give yourself the push to start again.

When you’re knocked down by a situation not working out or experiencing a shift in expectations, your biggest obstacle is to pick yourself back up and keep going.

This is when a true change in perspective will occur in your life and career. The moment that you decide things aren’t going the way you had hoped they would, is when you will achieve the most growth.

You will be able to see what isn’t working and reevaluate the professional you have become. In this moment, a push for change will lead you down a new, fresh path toward the person you want to be.

Making minor adjustments in order to ignite the power to pick yourself up from failure, will allow you to see your goals and vision in a different light. You may find that your lack of confidence has been holding you back, that your work feels outdated and trite or that you need to rethink the way you have been marketing yourself.

They say that when you’ve hit rock bottom, there is nowhere to go, but up. When you have experienced the greatest failures in your career, it’s time to pivot, change direction and embrace the beauty of change.

You Will Finally Stop Doubting Yourself

When you experience the greatest failure in your career, it may feel like nothing is going right. In fact, when this happens we often go off the deep end, attributing this setback to being bad at what we do.

Maybe I’m not talented enough, smart enough, good enough for the profession I have been pursuing.

Yet, this train of thought couldn’t be more wrong. When you’ve experienced a failure, you need to view this as a normal process – rather than a personal attack on your skill set. You need to realize that even when it feels personal, it isn’t. It is a part of a larger plan that everyone experiences at some point in their professional journey.

Once, you can see that failure is a catch all concept for anyone pursing their passions – you will be free of any self doubt that you have placed upon yourself.

When you stop doubting yourself, this is when the magic happens. You will ignite the flame of confidence and start creating the work you always wanted. Letting go of expectations and standards, you can redefine your work in manner that is truly reflective of you as an artist.

So, stop doubting yourself. See failure as something that will spark a new wave of creativity – a pivotal factor in the new path to the career you always wanted.

Your Personal Vision Will Finally Reveal Itself

If you haven’t caught on already, we don’t view failure as a negative part of your career. In fact, we use this frustration and disappointment – churning it into new energy full of passion and dedication to creating the life and career you’ve always wanted.

Failure gives you a blank canvas. It is the time where you can hit reboot, refresh and wipe the slate clean.

So, what you were doing didn’t work out. Are we going to sit around all day, complaining and basking in the negativity? Or, are we going to get back up and start something new? In fact, let’s do something better than anything we have done before.

In these times, you have full control of your professional direction. No one can stop you from revamping your life and starting from scratch. When you finally give yourself the freedom to be whoever you want, your personal vision will finally reveal itself. 

The emergence of this vision is what will change your career for the better. It is the moment when you realize, what you are doing now is what was meant to be all along. You will be able to finally express yourself as a creative, artist and business person without hesitation or reservation.

Once, you accept the professional path you have always deserved – failure will be a thing of the past. By picking yourself up from the bottom, letting go out self doubt and letting your personal vision finally reveal itself – the failure you have experienced will allow you to make room for a new perspective, one that will spark pivotal changes in your creative career.