10 Goals That Will Make Your Creative Work Better Than Ever In 2019

10 goals every creative should have

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Is your creativity thriving in the hope of a new year, or is it waiting for the hope of a new project to bring it out? It’s time to commit to a time of creative growth fueled by investing in yourself and others with these ten goals every creator should have.

1. Start a new project

You know those ideas that stay in the back of our minds, waiting for the moment we grab hold and bring them to life? This year, stop letting them vanish and instead make them a reality. Starting a new project involves both excitement and fear, forcing you to grow throughout the process.

2. Share work that’s not perfect

Spoiler alert: Perfection doesn’t exist. This can be a hard hit, but it’s also beautifully freeing. This year, work on releasing work without letting it languish in version six. Draft it up, review it, and let it fly.

3. Keep some work for yourself

I just suggested sharing work that’s not perfect, but I also want you to keep some for yourself. Working without the pressure to share gives you the freedom to explore. Journal, record voice memos, draw… whatever you want to do.

4. Pitch to a new publication

Pitching ideas to a publication comes with rejection, but that’s not a good enough reason to stop. Commit to pitching one to two ideas a month to a variety of publications, especially if you don’t think they will take your idea. You may just be surprised at the results.

5. Try a new technique or craft

A few months ago I was feeling burnt out on writing. I knew I needed to get that creative spark back, but felt lost. So I started painting. My skill set definitely isn’t in watercolors, but the time I spent creating without pressure reignited my creative spark, and it will do the same for you.

6. Network with a new group

Networking is about relationships, not your next gig. When done well, it builds your community first and opens up new work opportunities second. Once you find your community, you’ll discover some incredible opportunities.

7. Build up your community

Once you unearth your creative community, it’s time to build it up. Consciously set aside time each week to encourage friends in their work. Buy them coffee, add a thoughtful comment on their latest Instagram post, or offer to help flesh out their idea.

8. Conduct monthly reviews with yourself

A gardener doesn’t blindly water his garden. Instead, he looks for plants that need more care. Your creativity needs the same care. Reflect on the past month and look at what went well and what needs some extra care so you can continue thriving this year.

9. Travel alone

If you’re feeling stuck creatively, plan a solo trip to a new area. The change of scenery will jumpstart your creativity, and the solace can help you redefine your life’s priorities. Whether you choose a nearby city or a country across the world, know that it has the power to realign your life.

10. Share your story

Creativity was never meant to be kept under a basket, its light kept from shining onto others. In the same way, use your own experiences and skills to help others in their creativity. Begin actively sharing your story on social media; you’ll never know how many people your experiences could help.

Don’t let 2019 be the year you let creativity pass you by. Grab a hold of it, tease it out of your soul, and build bravery through releasing it into the world. Your comfort zone was made to be broken; this is your chance to design a creative life you want to live. You just need to say “yes.”