Personal Websites Are The New Résumés: Here Are 5 Things Yours Should Have

Personal Websites Are The New Résumés: Here Are 5 Things Yours Should Have

When applying for a job, you’re going to need more than just a résumé. Your experience is impressive and it is still something that employers look at, but think about where we are in this day and age. Yeah. The Internet.

Personal websites are the new résumé, believe it or not. Employers want to see who you are and what you can do. They will definitely check out your social media pages, but you should have a collective place that offers them everything they need.

These are some things your website should have:

1. A clean theme.

By using any platform of your choosing–Wordpress, Squarespace, or Wix, for example–you can pick a theme that suits you best. You want to grab people in to your site right away. I mean seriously, the last thing you want is for a potential employer to see a website that looks like it was made in 2006, graphics and everything.

2. An “about me” page.

Tell people who you are and what you can do. Talk about yourself a little! Don’t go into details like “my favorite color is x”, but talk about who you are as a creative person. Be brief but still informative. What can you do for others? Don’t forget to upload a high quality, professional photo of yourself so people know who they could be working with.

3. A section for your résumé, but better. 

Here’s where you can put your résumé. Make it pretty and something worth looking at. Expand on certain experiences that really highlight what you’re good at. If you haven’t done much and are just getting started, share that in the least self-deprecating way possible.

4. A put-together and organized portfolio. 

Show people what you’re capable of doing. Prove it to them. Organize your portfolio and showcase your best work. And OWN IT. Be proud of what you’re doing.

5. An accessible contact section. 

We cannot stress this enough, but link. your. social. media. accounts. Because social media is everything to us, people are going to want to stalk ya. Put a contact form on your page somewhere so people can email you if they wanna talk business.

Making your personal website something great is going to take a lot of time and effort. You want to be proud of it, though. You want to tell potential employers, “yeah, I did all of this. I can do this again and I can do more.” If you want others to take you seriously, you gotta take yourself seriously too.