4 Reasons Why Being Self-Employed Is Actually More Secure Than A Traditional Job

So you have a choice: to go after a traditional job or to just be self-employed.

There are plenty of pros and cons to each, but if you think about it, being self-employed is probably a lot more secure than a traditional job.

1. You are your own boss. 

That’s obvious, right?

You control everything: your work ethics, your brand or company, your hours, your pay, your environment, your goals.

Until it comes down to the end of it and what the client wants and doesn’t want, you have freedom and you’re in charge.

2. You set your schedule.

Fixed or flexible? It’s your call! If you want to work seven days a week, go for it. If you only want to work half of the week or only a few hours each day–so be it! You make the rules. If you want to take a sick day, so be it. You’re in charge, remember?

3. You choose who you want to work with. 

Annoying coworkers don’t exist at home. Any clients or customers are only people you want to work with. You don’t really get that option in a traditional job.

4. There’s no fear in losing your job. 

When you’re working at a traditional job, there’s always that lingering fear that you can get fired or let go. Nothing is guaranteed.

Being self-employed means not living in fear of having a job or not. Working for yourself ensures a stream of income one way or another. If you lose a client, there will always be others. Sure, maybe sometimes you’ll have a period of time when you’re not getting a lot of work or not making much money, because yeah, freelance is hard, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have a job. You might not be doing anything at the moment and your pay might be irregular, but you’re still in it to win it. You know what I mean?

Despite what older generations might say, self-employment is seemingly more secure than a traditional job. You’re ultimately in charge of yourself in an environment that is most comfortable for you, whether if that may be sitting on the couch or in a coffee shop. You make your own decisions and how you make your money. It’s pretty much a guaranteed thing, you just have to work for it.