How To Make A Polaroid Photo Collage

The look and aesthetic of vintage Polaroid film is timeless. If you love the appearance of these images and prints, there are several ways to design interesting and creative collages to recreate the look of Polaroid pictures with your digital images.

If you’re interested in creating a Polaroid photo collage, you can do this using specific steps in Photoshop. Let’s take a look at how you can create your own Polaroid photo collage by following these steps below:

Step 1: Choose Your Image and Open It Up in Photoshop

Step 2: Create Your First Polaroid By Selecting The Rectangle Tool from the Tool Panel

Step 3: Navigate to the Tool Mode Option and set the Option Bar to “Shape”, the fill color to “Black” and the Stroke to “None”

Step 4: Press and Hold Shift to Click, Drag and Create Your Shape. You Will Create a Black Square Shape on your Image. Rename this new layer, Frame.

Step 5: Duplicate the Frame Layer by pressing “Command + J” and name this new layer as Image

Step 6: Change the Frame Layer Color to White

Step 7: Select Your Frame Layer and press “Command + T” to give your shape Free Transform. Here you can create some extra space at the bottom to mimic the look of a Polaroid.

Step 8: Add a DropShadow to your Frame Layer. Press Layer Style in your Panel and Choose Drop Shadow. Adjust the values as you see fit.

Step 9: Double Click on Your Image Layer to open up the Layer Style Window. In the Blending Options, drop the Opacity to 0% and change the Knockout to “Deep” and check boxes for “Blend Clipped Layers as a Group and Transparency Shapes Layer.”

Step 10: In the Layer Style Window, Add a White Stroke to the Image Layer.

Step 11: Select the Image and Frame Layers together and then Group them. Rename the group as Polaroid.

Step 12: To add more Polaroids, you will need to hide your background layer with a solid color. Choose Background Layer and Add New Fill Layer, choose Solid Color and select Black.

Step 13: If you want to rotate your polaroids for added effect, you can select the group and click “Command + T” to rotate and angle the frame.

Step 14: To create more Polaroids, Copy Your Polaroid Group (Command + J) and move it to another location of your image.

Step 15: Repeat this above step until your have covered your whole image.

Once you are finished, you will have your final polaroid photo collage as shown below!