Models Share Their Tips To Healthier Self-Love

Models Share Their Tips To Healthier Self-Love
Kevin Laminto

“Be good to yourself, and kind…It’s a learning process, and it’s hard, but you’ve got to keep up with it.” – Camille Rong

With the New Years resolution epidemic upon us, we watch the broken promises come and go.

“I’m going to get fit this year.” “I’m finally going to conquer my fear of heights.” “I’m ready to go vegan.”

Before you know it, you’re eating a burger in your basement, cancelling your gym membership…and it’s only two days in. However, there is one practice that you should actually carry with you a little bit longer than just through January 3rd — self-love.

It’s a huge misconception that self-love is something you’re either born with or you’re not. It’s actually a practice that needs to be prioritized and nurtured before reaping the benefits of it, and it doesn’t matter who you are. Even the “elite” groups of society need self-care, just as much — if not more — than others.

Take it from these five models who have been around the block. They share some of their favorite self love regimens that they make time for in the midst of their hectic career. (Because let’s face it, when your job revolves around other’s judgements on your outward appearance, you’ve seen some shit).

“You learn to look at your image and your body in a very clinical and cold way,” says Brana Dane, and “it becomes very difficult to take all of that criticism, especially if you don’t have ways to appreciate yourself,” says Kyle Kellogg.

But how do we get there? How do we even begin to appreciate ourselves?

“Clear your mind. Get rid of the bad vibes,” says Bebe Howell, and “all of the strictness that we think comes with this lifestyle, none of that is healthy,” follows up Kyle Kellogg.

Overall, whether it’s improving your diet or taking time for yourself, self-love is always the right move.

“Health is wealth; you’ve got to treat yourself and love yourself right.” – Camille Rong

Hear more from these five models who are passionate about self-love our video below: