The Loneliest People Are The Most Creative

Sometimes, The Loneliest People Are The Most Creative

The loneliest people consider themselves outsiders. They are not concerned with fitting into groups. They do not base their opinions on what is trending. They have their own minds. They have their own opinions. They are unafraid of judgement, which is why they are able to think outside of the box. They are able to come up with never before seen concepts because they are not tethered by society’s expectations.

The loneliest people do not need approval. They are not going to stop chasing after what they want because someone disapproves. They are not going to quit because the world is against them. They are going to follow their dreams until those dreams are reached. They are going to keep moving forward, no matter how many people are trying to hold them back.

The loneliest people spend a lot of time on their own. They have time to think. To dream. To imagine. Their minds are constantly turning, constantly searching. They live inside their own heads. The little voice in the back of their mind never quiets. They are on a never-ending search for fresh, innovative ideas because they cannot turn their overthinking off.

The loneliest people spend large chunks of time reading and binge-watching. They have seen countless stories. They have witnessed masterpieces and train wrecks. They have learned from the mistakes of other artists and they have been inspired by other artists. The media they’ve consumed has helped them develop their own craft. It has motivated them to create something special of their own.

Even though they are comfortable spending time on their own, the loneliest people are desperate to feel understood. They want to form connections. They want reassurance they are not alone. They use their creativity in order to be heard, in order to give strength to their voice. By putting their creative works out in the open, they are able to form bonds with others. They are able to create meaningful relationships.

The loneliest people need an outlet for their emotions because isolation is not always easy. They use their creativity as a form of therapy. It helps them deal with their feelings in a productive, healthy way. It helps them express the emotions they did not even realize they were experiencing. It helps them learn more about themselves, their desires, and their morals.

The loneliest people have the freedom to choose what they do with their free time. They are not peer pressured by friends. They are not forced down an unwanted path by parents. They are choosing to create because they want to create. They want to improve their craft. They put their heart and soul into everything they do because it is their true passion.

The loneliest people prefer solitary activities. They do not work well in groups. They do their best work on their own. That is why creative endeavors are so appealing to them. They do not need anyone else to help them paint a picture, write a poem, or sing a song. They can accomplish those feats on their own. They do not have to rely on anyone else. They do not have to risk getting disappointed by anyone else. Whether they succeed or fail, they only have themselves to blame.

The loneliest people are not looking to impress anyone else. They are pursuing their dreams for pure reasons. They are not expecting success. They are not hoping for fame. They are not trying to earn millions. They are only following their heart toward happiness. They are doing what they believe they are meant to be doing. In the end, their art flourishes because it was created for all of the right reasons.

The loneliest people are the most creative people you will ever meet. With the help of a pencil or a paintbrush, they are able to create entire worlds from inside their empty bedrooms.