You’re Not Going To Be Happy Every Day, Even When You’re Doing “What You Love”

You're Not Going To Be Happy Every Day, Even When You're Doing "What You Love"
Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz

I get it – you’re passionate about what you do. Photography, modeling, styling, writing – I totally understand how you’re following your dreams and turning your hobby into a career. You’re doing what you love and that’s so rewarding!

Remember this, though: you’re not going to be happy everyday, even when you’re doing “what you love.” 

If you’re a creative, you understand the mind of a creative.

There are so many thoughts and feelings that go into creating some sort of art. Specifically, I’m talking about writing and photography. As a writer or photographer, you’re noticing things that others can’t see. You’re making note of them. You’re capturing life’s rawest moments.

You notice the sadness. You notice the anger, the frustration, the fear, the sorrow, the regret, self-doubt.

Even if you’re doing what you love, you won’t always be happy. If you’re following your dreams and doing what you’re most passionate about, that’s great, but there’s more to it than just joy.

Besides all the negative feelings that come with being a person, there’s more. There will be people who challenge you. There will be days when you really just don’t want to do it anymore. If you want to do what you love, you will have to make sacrifices, and that alone is challenging.

You know that people aren’t happy everyday, and that’s okay. You won’t be happy everyday, even when you’re doing what you love.

Sure, things are going to be hard, but you’ll be able to handle whatever is thrown at you, I promise. Roll with the punches.


Because you’re human. 

Because you’re a creative. 

It’s okay to feel things other than joy – that just means you’re growing.