10 Food Photographers Who Make Will Make You Hungry

10 Food Photographers Who Make Will Make You Hungry
Yoori Koo

Do you see those Tasty videos on Facebook and instantly, your mouth starts watering? Do you love a good photo a delicious meal? If you do, then this article is for your foodie palette.

Food photography opens the door to so many possibilities, such as food blogging, Instagramming, writing e-books, product photography and more. It’s also a creative outlet and a fun way to play with color and express your own style.

Below you will find ten amazing food photographers who are part of The Hub. Follow them, connect with them, learn from them. Food is a staple in our lives it offers us to much from general sustenance to a reason to bring a family together. No matter the true reason we want to bring attention to the beauty and artistry of this kind of photography.

  1. Brooke Lark  

Brooke is a Utah based food photographer and film producer. Her editing style is bright and focuses on the highlights. What’s cool about Brooke is that she also does some blogging on how to create the perfect flat lay photo for anyone out there interested in doing that.


Anna is a food travel photographer who is based in Montreal, Canada. Her work can come across a little saturated at first, but when you look closer, you realize how well that actually works because you can appreciate all of the colors that each piece of food is bringing to the table (literally). The vibrant nature of her photos inspires happiness.


Corey is a Los Angeles based food photographer who will be heading to Denver soon. She loves food, mainly deserts and she also does other freelance photography to make a living. Her page looks more like a travel log where visitors can see the food she ate and enjoy the journey with her. The human aspect that she adds is no doubt why her content is so successful.


Melanie is a food photographer from Sydney, Australia. Her work is also filled with travel and lifestyle images which add to her brand story. She uses the blown out fade edit that many lifestyle bloggers use on their Instagrams and it works for her. The food isn’t too drab, it looks just as delicious as it would if the colors were vibrant.


Erin is based in Chicago. Her website 312Food is a great guide to Chicago’s food scene. She also posts recipes you can follow and great articles to where to go eat in Chicago, when to go there, and what to get.


Emma is a London based food photographer who also attended Oxford University. She is currently on the East coast of Australia. We like Emma because her profile is the perfect mix between travel and food. The colors are bright and enticing. We feel compelled to keep looking. Pay attention to how she incorporates patterns with her flat lay.


Jules is from New York. Her next adventure will be in Colorado. She wants to help other women thrive in real and sustainable wellness. Her page is positive and life-affirming. She does a wonderful job helping others to feel good about themselves and to find the courage to make a change if it is needed.


Komal is a Boston based model and photographer. She loves food, wine, fashion, and organic health and beauty. She focuses on inspiring others to live their own healthy life. Her food posts will make you want to head to Boston tomorrow. She uses complementary colors and the perfect angles to get her photos just right.



Samantha is a New York-based photographer and art director at (@thekitchn). Her work is crisp, fun, and seasonal. She does a wonderful job making the food look presentable, fresh, and delicious.



Joey is a vegan recipe creator who does food and landscape photography from Montreal, Canada. She is also a traveler who celebrates van life. Her work is not vibrant like other food photographers we have seen. Instead, the colors are more muted and subtle. It makes her vegan natural vibe look even more natural with the neutral colors she edits with.