9 Modeling Agencies To Know In Dallas

Here are the 9 modeling agencies in Dallas.

9 Modeling Agencies To Know In Dallas

We often think of modeling as being an industry found solely within the sprawling cities of New York, Los Angeles, London or Paris. Yet, although modeling careers used to only be developed and built in the popular creative and commercial hubs of the world, this traditional concept of modeling in its entirety has shifted.

No longer is modeling only reserved for those willing to pack up their bags and move out to the big city. In fact, modeling agencies around the country have become increasingly more valuable and prominent as the pool of available and interested talent increases.

One section of the country that has quietly dominated its own space in the industry is located in the Southwest region of the United States — Dallas, Texas. Although we often associate Dallas with a place that builds and breeds talent such as actors and actresses for film or television and even as a growing market for beauty queens — the modeling industry for fashion, commercial and print is alive and well on what some refer to as the “third coast.“

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Dallas is regarded as the commercial and cultural hub within the state of Texas. With a population of over 1.3 million people, the city is a metropolis of the Southwest. With artistic sites such as the Dallas Museum of Art and the Crow Collection of Asian Art, the community of creatives is growing in Dallas. In addition to art, Dallas is home to several publications including D Magazine and Paper City Magazine. The city has even witnessed a boom in the fashion industry, with an influx of up and coming local designers. In all, Dallas has grown substantially over the years to become a noticeable market for talent, fashion, print and creative endeavors.

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Even though Dallas may not have the largest agencies in the country, these boutique styled entities have talent making a noticeable mark. Models from the Dallas agencies have appeared on the covers and within the pages of major editorial publications, have walked runways for international, couture designers and have been placed with larger talent and modeling agencies all over the world. Those who have started these agencies within Dallas and continued to foster their talent throughout the years, are often natives of the Texan state and proud to recruit and nurture models from the Southwest.

Whether you’re a photographer looking to start testing with agency models or an aspiring model, there are several options for modeling agencies in the Dallas area that you can work with.

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If you’re currently based in the Dallas region and starting to consider model representation, we have accumulated 9 modeling agencies in Dallas you should know. Check out our list with each agencies history, competencies, contact information and scouting process below.  

Our Top 9 Choices for Modeling Agencies in Dallas:

The Campbell Agency


Instagram: @campbellmodels
Address: 3838 Oak Lawn Ave, Suite 900, Dallas, Texas 75219
Telephone: 214-522-8991

First on our list of modeling agencies in Dallas, Texas, is the Campbell Agency. The Campbell Agency was founded by Nancy Campbell in 1989. Having been in advertising, production and talent, Nancy discovered and recruited talent that allowed the agency to become top rated in the Southwest. According to their website, “The Campbell agency is recognized as a leading agency nationwide in all media and is at the forefront of balancing personal attention while providing clients state of the art support in all their casting needs.” The agency works on a philosophy to be proactive in developing and marketing models, actors and artists as a major force in the vibrancy of our client’s careers.

The roster at the Campbell Agency is expansive. Their scope of talent ranges from:

  • Women: Mainboard, Curve, Classic, Runway, Development
  • Men: Mainboard, Development
  • Talent: Men, Women + Voiceover
  • Commercial Print
  • Artists: Hair, Makeup, Fashion Stylists, Assistant Stylists, Product Stylists
  • Kids
  • Talent
  • Influencers

To join the Campbell Agency, you can submit your images to them through their online form. You will need to fill out the information and upload four images: one smile headshot, one non-smile headshot, a ¾ shot and a full body shot. The pictures do not need to be professional, wear minimal makeup and a swimsuit or fitted, body conscious attire.

Model requirements at the Campbell Agency include:

  • Women: 5’8”-5’11” & 5’7” if you are 13-16 years old / sizes 0-4 and 12-18
  • Men: 6’- 6’3” / suit sizes 38-42
  • Big and Tall Men: 6’4” – 6’6” / suit sizes 48L – 50L

The agency also holds open calls for their fashion print and runway divisions. These are held at the agency each Tuesday from 3-4 pm. To be considered you should bring photographs that include a full length and profile image.

You can read more about joining the Campbell Agency here.

Wallflower Management

Instagram: @wallflowermgmt
Address: 3809 Parry Ave #105, Dallas, TX 75226
Telephone: 214-55954300

Brenda Gomez / agency director BRENDA@WALLFLOWERMANAGEMENT.COM
Tammy Theis / creative director TAMMY@WALLFLOWERMANAGEMENT.COM
Meghan Malanio / model manager MEGHAN@WALLFLOWERMANAGEMENT.COM
Courtney Laddimore / social media and creative manager COURTNEY@WALLFLOWERMANAGEMENT.COM

Second on our list of modeling agencies in Dallas, Texas, is Wallflower Management. Wallflower Management was the first boutique modeling agency in Dallas. The agency represents models for fashion print, runway, commercial print and TV/film projects. The agency prides itself on being “selective and hands on, preferring to focus on a curated board of models, each receiving individual direction in his or development.”

Models that have been scouted by Wallflower have been placed with major agencies around the world in destinations such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney. The management team at Wallflower represents men, women, children and has an artist division for hair and makeup, styling and photography.

To join Wallflower Management you can attend an open call or submit your images by email. Open calls are held every Wednesday from 2-4 p.m. By email you can send your images to submissions@wallflowermanagement.com. For you to be considered, girls need to have light to no makeup and natural hair. Images must be shot in front of a simple background with a plain, light colored wall. Wallflower is looking for women who are between 5’7”-6” and men who are between 6”-6’3”.

To learn more about the recruiting process for Wallflower you can read more on their website here.

Dragonfly Agency

Instagram: @dragonflyagency
Address: 3720 Canton Street, Suite 102, Dallas, Texas 75226
Telephone: 214-790-7440
Email: info@thedragonflyagency.com, stasia@thedragonflyagency.com, hannah@thedragonflyagency.com, jamie@thedragonflyagency.com

Third on our list of modeling agencies in Dallas, Texas is the Dragonfly Agency. The Dragonfly Agency is a model management company and boutique agency with an experienced team that focuses on a select number of models and their individual career paths. The team at Dragonfly words to market their talent to both national and international high fashion clients and agencies

At Dragonfly, their roster consists of women and men in the main board, development and lifestyle sectors as well as influencers.

To be considered for recruitment to the Dragonfly agency, you will need to email two photographs (one head shot and one full body shot) with your physical measurements to one of the contact emails listed above. Be sure to include your first and last name, home address, email, contact number, nationality, age, height, bust (for females), waist, hips, eye color, hair color and shoe size. Women should be between the ages of 15-35 and a height of 5’9” to 5’11” / Men should be between 115-35 and a height of 6’0 to 6’3”. The Dragonfly Agency hosts open calls every first Wednesday of the month from 4 to 5 p.m.

To learn more about their recruiting process you can read all the information here.

Callidus Agency

Instagram: @callidus_agency
Address: 400 North St. Paul Street #499, Dallas, TX 75201
Telephone: 214-432-6122

Fourth on our list of modeling agencies in Dallas, Texas, is the Callidus Agency. The Callidus agency was founded in 2010. The word Callidus is of latin origin meaning, artistic excellence through experience. The agency is a full service SAG-AFTRA talent and modeling agencies with offices in both Dallas and Austin. The agency represents talent that has been featured in projects for on-camera broadcast, commercial print, fashion and runway.

For the modeling division of the agency, Callidus represents:

  • Women: Mainboard and Development
  • Men: Mainboard and Development
  • Runway
  • Curve
  • Commercial Women
  • Commercial Men

To be considered for the fashion and runway division of the agency, you can attend an open call or submit your photographs electronically. To be considered, women must be 5’8”-6’0” / Age 13-30 and Dress Sizes 0-4, 9, 10, 18. Open calls are held at their Dallas office every Tuesday from 4-5 p.m. If you choose to submit your images online, you will need to send them to submissions@callidusagency.com. In the subject line include your full name, model submission. Then in the body of your email you will need to add your name, phone number, location, age, height, measurements (chest, waist, hips), eye color, hair color and shoe size. Send the agency one headshot with no makeup and one full body picture in form fitting clothing.

To read about all of their divisions and submission guidelines you can reference the information here.

Grit Talent Agency


Instagram: @grittalent
Address: 1409 South Lamar, Suite 204, Dallas, TX 75215
Telephone: 214-485-7200
Email: admin@grittalentagency.com

Fifth on our list of modeling agencies in Dallas, Texas, is the Grit Talent Agency. The agency first opened in May 2009 by Sooze Johnson and during this time was known as The Agency Dallas. The aim was to attract and develop Texas talent in order to bring powerful projects to this coast.

Currently, the agency represents over 350 actors and models across the United States. In 2017, The Agency Dallas became Grit talent.

In their modeling department, Grit represents Women, Men and Youth focused on being hired for commercial print projects.

To join the Grit Talent model roster, you will need to fill out their application on their website here The application includes personal details, uploading a headshot and uploading your resume.

The Brown Agency

Instagram: @brownagency
Address: 1717 McKinney Ave, Suite 700, Dallas, Texas, TX 75202
Telephone: 512-370-4959
Email: assistant@brownagency.co

Sixth on our list of modeling agencies in Dallas, Texas, is the Brown Agency. The Brown Agency is a full service model and talent agency. Previously, it was under the famous Wilhelmina Models network as Wilhelmina Austin until it changed its name in 2015. The Brown agency is well established in the industry with its models working with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oreal and many more.

Their models have walked the runways of Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and  Miami Swim Week.

At Brown they represent:

  • Fashion models: Women, Men and Development
  • Commercial models: Women, Men and Kids
  • Theatrical Talent: Men and Women
  • Creatives: Make-Up and Photographers

Open calls for the Brown Agency are held every Wednesday from 3-4 p.m.

You can also submit your details via their online form here.

For the form you will need to include: your name, city, telephone, email, gender, date of birth, measurements of height and weight as well as four images.

Kim Dawson Agency

Instagram: @kimdawsonagency
Address: 1645 N Stemmons Freeway, Suite B, Dallas, TX 75207
Telephone: 214-638-2414

Seventh on our list of modeling agencies in Dallas, Texas, is the Kim Dawson Agency. Kim Dawson agency has been established for over 50 years. It is known as the premier agency of the Southwest and represents women, men and children for print, fashion shows, feature films, television and voice overs.

The agency was founded in 1959, by Kim Dawson, an international model and Texas native. The agency now has a worldwide reputation and has international stars such as Bridget Hall, Erin Wasson, Chandra North, Ali Michael and Hannah Ferguson. Additionally, the agency has worked with Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Angie Harmon, Thomas Mann, Chace Crawford and Jensen Ackles. Models of Kim Dawson agency have been featured on editorial covers such as Elle, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Sure and People magazine.

For representation as a model at Kim Dawson, you will need to fill out their online form and upload four images — one headshot smiling, one headshot non-smiling, one ¾ shot, one full-length to be considered.

To be a model at Kim Dawson you will need to be:

  • Women: 5’8” – 6’0”  with sizes 0-4, 10 and 14-18
  • Men: 6’0” – 6’3” with suit size of 38-42.
  • Plus Size Women // 5’8” – 5’11” sizes 14-18
  • Big and Tall Men // 6’4 – 6’6 sizes 48L – 50L

To submit your photographs for consideration to the agency you can fill out the online form here.  

Neal Hamil Agency

Instagram: @nealhamilagency
Address: 7887 San Felipe, Suite 110, Houston, TX 77063
Telephone: 214-220-0300
Email: modeling@nealhamilagency.com

Eighth on our list of modeling agencies in Dallas, Texas, is the Neal Hamil Agency. The Neal Hamil agency has been around since 1984. The models represented by this agency have been featured in the pages of Vogue, GQ, Marie Claire and Details. They have also worked with and walked the runway for designers such as Zac Posen, Monique LHuillier, Naeem Khan, Carmen Marc Valvo, Haute Hippie and Alexander Wang.

With a base in Houston and representatives in Dallas, the agency books models for the Southwest region as well as internationally. Models from Neal Hamil have been placed with top agencies in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, London, Milan and Japan.

At Neal Hamil they represent:

  • Women: Fashion, Commercial and New Faces
  • Men: Fashion, Commercial and New Faces
  • Kids
  • Talent: Women, Men, Teen, Kids, Extras

To be considered for scouting to the agency, you can submit your images online or attend an open call. Open calls are held for modeling and acting every Wednesday from 3-5 p.m. To submit your images online you will need to provide 3 shots — headshot, profile and full-length. One of the images should show you smiling. Photos should be natural with minimal makeup, hair clean and down and should be in color only.

To fill out the information and submit your photographs, you can access their website here.

The Clutts Agency

Instagram: @thecluttsagency
Address:1825 Market Center Blvd, Suite 380, Dallas, Texas 75207
Phone: 214-761-1400

The ninth and final modeling agency in Dallas, Texas, on our list is the Clutts Agency. Founded in 1997 by the former Neiman Marcus fashion and product creative John Clutts, the agency is now a full service Texas Talent Agency and SAG/AFTRA franchise that represents actors, models, hair and makeup and stylists.

At Clutts, the agency represents the following types of models:

  • Print // Women, Men, Girls and Boys
  • Runway // Women and Men
  • Commercial Print // Women, Men, Tweens and Young Adults
  • New Faces // Women and Men

Additionally, they represent a line of artists in the fields of hair and makeup, fashion styling, off-figure styling, assistants for junior stylists and manicurists.

Open calls for the agency are by appointment only. To be considered for model opportunities in the print and runaway or commercial print sector of the agency, you will need to email your photographs via the model submission form and include your personal details.

For Print and Runway these are their requirements for submission:

  • Include your Headshot and Full Length Images. “Selfies” are acceptable. Your name, address and phone number.
  • Date of birth, height and sizes (WOMEN: Dress size, Bust, Waist, Hip. MEN: Suit, Chest, Waist, Inseam)
  • WOMEN + MEN | 16 – 21+ years of age
  • WOMEN | 5′ 9″ – 5′ 11″ // Dress Size 0-4
  • Bust: 32-36″ Waist: 23-26″ Hip: 33-36″ (New Faces may be under 16 and must be a minimum of 5′ 7″ )
  • PLUS SIZE WOMEN | 5′ 8″ – 5′ 11″ // Dress Size 16-18
  • MEN | 6′ 0″ – 6′ 3″ //  Suit Size 38 – 42
  • (New Faces may be under 16 and must be a minimum of 5′ 11″)
  • BIG & TALL MEN | 6′ 4″ – 6′ 6″ | Suit Size 44L – 46L

For their Commercial Print these are the requirements for submission:

  • Headshot and Full Length Images. “Selfies” are acceptable
  • Your name, address and phone number.
  • Date of birth, height and sizes.
  • WOMEN + MEN | 18 – 80+ years of age
  • WOMEN | Are all shapes and sizes but MUST have a terrific smile and great personality
  • MEN | Are all shapes and sizes but MUST have a terrific smile and great personality

To read more about their submission details, you can access the information here.

As you can see, the modeling agencies in Dallas are unique and representative of all types of individuals. From fashion, print and commercial models for both women and men, talent in the sectors of both film and television as well as fostering the techniques of artists in makeup, hair, styling and photography. It appears that the modeling industry in Dallas is moving up in the ranks to contend with the power players on the east and west regions of the United States. We can only hope to continue to see big strides from these Dallas based agencies currently dominating the industry of the South West.