10 Perfect Gifts For The Creatives In Your Life

10 Perfect Gifts For The Creatives In Your Life

If you’re shopping for the creative in your life, we’ve gathered some of our favorite gifts that any artist would love to receive. From cameras, to photo equipment, to the kinds of items that will make any project or shoot easier and more enjoyable, as creatives ourselves we know what the top holiday picks are for the passionate souls on your list.

Pictar Pro

This incredible Kickstarter turns your phone into a DSLR camera — allowing for every creative with an iPhone to perfect even the trickiest of shots. With an easy to use interface, and advanced features that mimic the most expensive equipment, this inventive tool will help anyone in your life amp up their photography game.

Disposable Cameras

Creative heaven can be referred to as the state of euphoria that one feels after reaching into a Christmas stocking only to find a disposable camera. There isn’t an artist on the planet that doesn’t love running around capturing moments on film, and the old school approach just adds a nostalgic vibe to every photo taken.

Kodak Forever 21 Collection

Any piece from this collection is going to seriously appeal to the aesthetic creative in your life. From bold hues (that were inspired by vibrant 80s NASCAR racing stripes) to the limited edition nature of the collection as a whole, gifting one of these items is a sure fire way to ensure that your recipient is creating in style.

HD Action Camera

This simple device may not look like the most exciting thing to buy for someone, but if you’re shopping for a photographer or a videographer, it will be a standout. Small, compact, and the gift that keeps giving, the DJI Osmo allows for creatives to create stabilized, beautiful footage that is touted as being better than a Gopro, while giving them the ability to fully bring their vision to life.

Portable Phone Charger

This portable phone charger is a huge hit with a lof the employees at H. Not only does this sleek device allow for creatives to keep their phones charged during long shoots or projects, but it’s also extremely lightweight and won’t add a lot of bulk to equipment bags. With a killer charging capacity, and a reserve that replenishes within 10 hours, this little device gifts people the ability to stay connected throughout their days.

Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

We love a multitasker. This easy to use shampoo brush not only distributes shampoo and conditioner throughout your hair while brushing it (can we get a hell yeah for no tangles?) it also massaged your scalp, and therefore helps to relax you while strengthening your lovely locks. This little device will ensure that your hair looks perfect for your next casting or photoshoot.

The H Stone Backpack

H is the shape of connection, it is a bridge between two points — just like art. We designed the H backpack as a testament to that. The waxed bag is an ultra-premium version of our favorite accessory. It has been crafted specifically with the artistic lifestyle in mind, allowing for you to take your creativity with you wherever you go. From the durable waterproofing, to the extra compartments, to the size — we created a backpack that will carry you through your busy lifestyle, and benefit you on all of your creative adventures. So whether you’re commuting to class, or hiking a mountain to get the perfect shot, this bag is your perfect companion.

Portable Water Speaker

Whether your creativity is taking you to the top of a mountain, or to the tropical waters of your favorite beach, music is always key. By gifting this affordable, compact speaker to the artisti in your life, you’re not only providing them with the ability to blast as much Drake as possible on a photoshoot, but you’re also helping for them to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Weatherproofed so it can withstand even the rainiest of conditions, this speaker is a must have for any creative set.

Unique Photo Prints

Minted is a marketplace filled with independent artists and designers that offer customizable photo print options such as cards, home décor, and stationery. Instead of getting your loved one something from Barnes & Noble or Target, get them the kind of homewares that have a unique touch to them. Nothing is cooler than supporting your fellow creatives, and helping companies like Minted give them a platform to share their art with the world.

Spinning Coffee Mug

This travel mug not only looks like a camera, but it also stirs your drink for you. So, while you’re running around trying to get ready for that 6am call time, you have one less thing to think about. Plus, any photography fan would absolutely geek out at this mug’s aesthetic. Talk about representing your creativity in a way that also keeps you highly caffeinated. We are here for it.

Whether for birthdays, the holidays, or just because, you have the perfect gifts for any creative in your life. Happy shopping!


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