20 Five-Star Amazon Products That Are Worth Every Penny

Five-Star Amazon Products

Amazon is a quick, convenient way to shop from the comfort of your couch. You might be hesitant to purchase items online because you cannot see them and test them in person, but you know you are getting high-quality when you buy these five-star Amazon products.

1. Golden Tissue Holder

Image result for Creative Scents Square Tissue Holder – Decorative Tissue Box Cover is Finished in Beautiful Victoria Collection

If you don’t like the designs on your tissue boxes, you can cover them with this intricately designed holder. It fits most standard tissue boxes and contains a large opening for easy access to tissues. It’s a simple way to class up your living room, bedroom, or bathroom.

2. Toilet Paper Holder

mDesign Decorative Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand Storage 3 Rolls Toilet Tissue Bathroom/Powder Room - Holds Mega Rolls - Durable Metal Wire - Matte Black

This holder stores three extra rolls of toilet paper. That way your guests will not have to search through your cabinets for an extra roll when the previous one runs out. It’s the perfect way to provide a welcoming atmosphere for your guests while adding a decorative touch to the room.

3. Marble Kitchen Utensil Set 

Kitchen Utensil Set of 6 - Lightweight, Heat-Resistant and Easy To Clean - This Cooking Utensils Set Comes In A Modern Marble Design

These products are durable and heat-resistant. With 14-inch handles, they assure you never burn your fingers while cooking dinner. These simple tools will help you create healthy, homemade meals for your entire family — and they will make your kitchen look even more stylish.

4. Pet ID Tags

Image result for If It Barks Engraved Pet ID Tags For Dogs - Personalized Pet ID Name Tag Attachment - Made in USA, Stainless Steel Dog Tags

You love your furry friend. You don’t want him to get lost and you don’t want him walking around without style. That is why you should buy these adorable, engraved pet IDs. They are made of stainless steel, which means they will keep your pet safe for years to come!

5. Makeup Remover Clothes

RAINBOW ROVERS Set of 3 Makeup Remover Cloths | Reusable & Ultra-fine Makeup Wipes | Suitable for All Skin Types | Removes Makeup with Water | Free Bonus Waterproof Travel Bag | Multiple Colours

Don’t you hate waking up in the morning with smudged eyeliner and caky foundation that you thought you removed last night? Then you should buy this makeup remover cloth which is feather soft and chemical free. All you have to do is run it under water and wipe across your face. It will get rid of any product it touches!

6. Trifold Vanity Mirror

TriFold Illuminated Vanity Makeup Mirror, with 21 LED, Touch Screen, 180° Adjustable Stand, 1x/2x/3x Magnification, Batteries and Usb Charging

The twenty-one LED lights on this vanity mirror are controlled by a touchscreen center so you can do your makeup in poorly-lit areas. It unfolds into three pieces so you are able to see yourself from different angles and get your skin looking flawless. This vanity will make it so much easier for you to get ready in the morning (and late at night). 

7. Double Sided Picture Frames 


These transparent picture frames allow you to view pictures from any direction. They are held together with magnets in the corners and are stable enough to stand horizontally or vertically. If you want to fill your desktop and tables with mementos from your past, then this picture frame will help you do the job.

8. Analog Wall Clock 


This handcrafted clock is made from high-quality wood. It is tick-free, which means you won’t have to worry about getting irritated by the noises it makes while you are trying to finish work or drift off to sleep.

9. Crystal Candle Holder

Image result for VINCIGANT Silver Crystal Candle Holders/Candelabra Ornaments 3 Arms Christmas Home Decoration,Wedding Dining Coffee Table Decorative Centerpiece,Thanksgiving Gifts

This arched candleholder is solid and stable. It even contains anti-skid floor mats, assuring your furniture will not get scuffed by the weight. These holders fit flameless electronic candles or tea light candles, bringing a warm glow to kitchen tables and fireplaces.

10. Floral Nail Kit

Kiss Products, Inc. Kiss Everlasting Color Tip 28 Piece Nail Kit, Black

If you are sick of walking around with chipped nails, you can buy a pack of french nails that won’t break on you! They will last up to seven days and keep you looking like you just stepped out of the nail salon. No one will have any idea what a low price you paid to look that good.

11. Microfiber Hair Towel

Ultra-Fine Microfiber Hair Towel - Fast Drying - Never Falls Off - Bonus Wet/Dry Brush

This towel will dry your hair quicker than ever — but it won’t leave any frizz or split ends. It even has a drawstring so you can customize your fit. That means won’t have to worry about it slipping like your ordinary towels. With this product, you will cut your dry time in half while feeling like you are at a luxury salon!

12. Telestrations

Image result for telestrations

When your friends come to visit, you can play this ice breaking game with them! It’s perfect for all ages and there aren’t any drawing skills required. All you have to do is sketch what is written on a card, pass it to someone new, and have them guess what you have drawn. It’s like a game of telephone on a page!

13. Little Moments Of Love

Little Moments of Love by [Chetwynd, Catana]
This collection of comics about a husband and wife will make you appreciate your person more than you ever have before. This book is filled with sweet, relatable humor that anyone in a relationship will nod their head along to.

14. Credit Card Wallet 

Image result for Buvelife Credit Card Wallet Leather RFID Wallet for Women, Huge Storage Capacity

This leather wallet has a huge storage capacity! It is capable of fitting thirty-six credit cards, gift cards, or business cards. That means you will never have to worry about forgetting an important card back at home. You will always have them right in your wallet.

15. Push Pin Travel Map 


If you want to travel the world, you can track your travels with this map. It includes one-hundred pins in a mixture of red, white, and black so you can keep track of which countries you have visited, which ones you plan on visiting soon, and which ones you hope to see in the future. It’s a great conversation starter and an even greater way to keep tabs on your dreams.

16. Desktop Stand


If you want to watch a lengthy video on your phone, you do not have to hold onto it the entire time. You can use a stand like this to prop your phone vertically or horizontally. It also works with tablets and e-readers, making it easier than ever to watch your favorite shows on any device.

17. Seagrass Basket


Instead of throwing your clothes into a flimsy hamper, you could be placing them inside of a sturdy whicker basket with sun-kissed coloring. You could also use the container for book storage or toy storage. Not only will it help you keep your house organized, but it will keep your house looking stylish.

18. Copper Mugs


These gorgeous mugs were handcrafted by an artisan. They are protected with a coating that will keep them shining and will reduce staining. If you want to impress your family and friends the next time they drop by to visit, you should treat them to a drink inside of one of these brilliantly crafted mugs.

19. Eiffel Tower Ring Holder 


This trendy ring holder will add flare to your bedroom while assuring you never lose track of your jewelry again. As long as you place your rings directly onto this holder before bed or before showering, they won’t stand a chance of becoming damaged, falling down the drain, or getting lost somewhere in your drawers. It will keep your valuables safe!

20. Plastic Mini Plants


If you are too busy to water a real plant, then these artificial ones will spruce up your home (or office) in the same way. They are more lifelike than most plastic plants you’ll find. No one will be able to tell the difference between these topiaries and authentic ones.


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