The Best Entry Level Instant Film Cameras

If you miss the days of holding a snapshot in your hands seconds after the photograph is taken, then you should consider investing in an instant film camera! That way, you will be able to see your work without any wait time in between. Even though these are cameras from the past, they are designed for the future.

Polaroid 600

Why mess with a good thing? This camera, which looks nearly identical to the kind your parents used to snap baby photos, is faithfully restored. In order to create them, vintage polaroid cameras are taken, serviced, and made whole again by experts in the field. They are each given a built-in neck strap, a fixed focused lens, and a protective film shield to create the best picture taking experience possible. This camera has everything you love about twenty-first century cameras with the added benefit of developing your pictures on the go.

Lomography Instant Square Glass

This camera instantly creates card-size snapshots and is lightweight, which means you can carry it everywhere you go without lugging around a heavy camera bag. Even though it is simple and easy to use, it includes functions that will assure you end up with the most professional pictures possible. It contains three separate shooting modes. There is a flash-on auto mode that is perfect for shooting indoors, a flash-off manual mode for long exposures at night, and a flash-on auto mode that detects the brightness in the room and creates the right amount of flash. More advanced than the cameras our ancestors would carry around, you can even add filters over your photos to add an artistic element!

Polaroid SX-70

This camera is capable of taking five instant photos in ten seconds. That means instead of uploading a photograph on Instagram for your friends to see, you can snap a series of pictures and hand them each a physical copy they can keep forever. With a manual focus as close as 10.4, you never have to worry about missing your shot. The operations on this instant camera are surprisingly simple and the colors come out vivid and bright, resulting in a high-quality, professional looking photograph — even if you are a beginner.

Photographers Kyle Dipu and Devin Blaskovich consider these the absolute best entry-level instant film cameras to use!