The Museum Network Is Your Passport To Awesome Art

If Sotheby’s is the art world’s beloved OG auction house, the Museum Network is its hyper cool, Internet savvy younger cousin. Created by Sotheby’s in 2016 to connect people to the world’s most influential cultural institutions, the Museum Network is an art enthusiast’s dream actualized. It’s a community-building tool, essentially, rooted in a true appreciation for the arts.

Highlighting exhibits from hundreds of museums across different cities, the Museum Network helps people locate the art they want to see quickly and easily. Whether you’re interested in 19th century European paintings, architecture, or Latin American art, you can find exactly what you’re looking for through the platform’s comprehensive exhibition listings. Find yourself in Marfa with an appetite for some badass art but unsure where to start? Just check out the Museum Network’s city specific guides, which distill the art offerings of major cities in milliseconds.

The Museum Network also offers reviews, artist features, and other content celebrating international museums and galleries. Basically, if you care about art, the Museum Network is something you need to know about. Start by following them on Instagram now!

As steadfast advocates of the arts, we at the Hub feel perfectly aligned with the Museum Network’s mission. So it’s no surprise that we’re currently working with Sotheby’s to elevate the Museum Network’s Internet presence and spread the organization’s good vibes. The goal? To get people who’re interested in the arts excited about visiting the many beautiful museums around the world irl.

To do this, we tapped The Hub’s widespread network of photographers to shoot museums all over the country, effectively bringing photographers into these locations to experience art firsthand and create their own art in the process. We’re also creating city specific sizzle videos showcasing various museums in marquee cites. It’s a beautiful partnership, really—one that gets people psyched about art in general and also inspires people to make their own art along the way.