Why Is Cole Mohr Such A Famous Model?

If you’re looking for information about the male model Cole Mohr, you’ve come to the right place.

Cole Mohr
Lenka Sluneckova

Cole Mohr is a 32-year old model from Houston Texas who signed with Request Model Management. In 2009, he was listed as one of the top ten male models in Forbes.

Even though he is still young, Cole Mohr has an impressive resume. He has modeled for famous companies like Dior Homme, H&M, Burberry, Valentino, Barneys, Costume National, Marc Jacobs, Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, and Andrew Buckler. He has also appeared in editorials for Vogue Italia, Japanese Men’s Vogue, Dazed & ConfusedTush, GQ, L’Officiel Hommes, i-D, and W Magazine.

Cole Mohr is 6’1 with blue eyes and dark brown hair. He is heavily tattooed with ink across his chest, down both of his arms, and even across his hands. One of his most notable tattoos says “AprilMayJune” written in black ink from collarbone to collarbone.

Hedi Slimane, a popular French photographer and fashion designer, revealed that Cole Mohr is one of his favorite models to photograph.

His favoritism may have something to do with the fact that Cole Mohr has the boy next door look. Even though he is gorgeous enough to model for a living, he still manages to come across as the kind of guy you can imagine running into on the street, the kind of guy who inspires you to gush to your friends about how much you love bad boys.

Cole is an important asset to the modeling industry because he is versatile. He has posed for photos wearing leather and letting his tattoos show — but he has also posed for photos wearing pink and appearing more feminine. Cole has even posed completely nude for Marc Jacobs while holding a martini glass. He can wear any color, any pattern, any style, and still look suave. He is skilled in front of the camera.

Unsurprisingly, Cole has a good personality to go along with his good looks. Even though he has a thriving career, he does not take himself too seriously. He is perfectly fine with making light of what he does for a living. In a video he created for Fashion Week, he jokes about how difficult the life of a male model is — he has to wake up at eleven in the morning. He has to attend parties friends expect him to attend. He has to spend most of his days smoking and drinking and traveling the world.

Even though Instagram seems like the perfect place for models to make more money, Cole is fairly quiet on social media. He decided to quit Instagram all the way back in 2013. In his final post, he thanked all of his fans for their support and apologized for disappointing any of them. He just wasn’t able to manage social media while he was preparing for important shows that could enhance his career even further. He proved the life of a model is a busy one.

Even though you probably aren’t going to see Cole Mohr posing online anytime soon, he is the perfect kind of model. The kind you cannot stop staring at, no matter how hard you try.