10 Ways Being Creative Every Day Will Change Your Life (Mostly) For The Better

The relationship between creativity and reduced stress is indisputable. Here’s how a commitment to creativity can improve your daily life.

10 Ways Being Creative Every Day Will Change Your Life (Mostly) For The Better
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1. You will lower your stress levels.

Even though your creative pursuits can cause stress when your inspiration runs dry, it can also reduce your stress. When you are creating something special, time ceases to exist. You are having fun in your element. You are discovering a place of peace. You are forgetting about all of your problems for a little while because the only thing on your mind is your favorite form of art.

2. You will become comfortable with your emotions.

Artistic expression comes straight from the heart. It requires vulnerability. It encourages you to expose your truth to the world. When you are creative every single day, you learn it’s okay to have emotions and healthy to express them. You stop closing yourself off because you realize being honest with yourself could lead to a creative breakthrough.

3. You will learn how to assert your independence.

Your creativity will extend outside of your work. You will come up with creative date ideas for the weekend, creative gifts to send your friends, and creative desserts to bake for parties. You will learn to think for yourself instead of following the crowd and choosing paths that are already popular. Your creativity will give you a unique edge in every area of your world.

4. You will become a skilled problem solver.

Nothing will hold you down for long. When issues arise in your life, you will be able to think outside of the box. You will come up with a dozen different solutions. You will be able to get yourself out of trouble with creative ideas the average person would never even consider.

5. You will save your money for more important things.

You will make your own jewelry and blankets and breakfasts instead of buying them from a store. You will come up with cute date ideas inside your own home instead of spending a fortune at fancy restaurants. When you are creative, you can save your paychecks, because you can DIY birthday gifts and holiday decorations instead. You can save a lot of money by using your brain power.

6. You will pick up on details from the world around you.

Whether you are writing about people or sketching people, it helps to know all you can about them. It helps to pay close attention to the world around you. Because you are making art every single day, you will memorize sound of your best friend’s voice and the color of your crush’s eyes. You will notice the behaviors of strangers when they become nervous or excited. You will aim to understand people better so you can create better.

7. You will gain confidence you never had before.

Even if you are insecure about your body and overall personality, looking at what you are capable of creating will give you a burst of confidence. It will make you feel like you can do something right, like you do have a purpose. You will be proud of yourself for everything you have accomplished. Even if you aren’t ready to show your finished products to the rest of the world yet, you will finally have your own approval and that is what matters the most.

8. You will stray from your comfort zone and take more risks.

If you want anyone to admire your work, you cannot play it safe by copying what has already been done before. You need to take risks. And once you start taking risks in your creative endeavors, you will also take risks in your real life. You will speak your mind. You will chase after what you want. You will stop settling for mediocre.

9. You will make new friends from around the globe.

The more you create, the more you have to talk about during your next dinner party. Even if you rarely leave the house, creatives have a way of drawing other creatives toward them. When you post about your creations on social media, strangers will like and comment on your work. It will start conversations. It will form connections. It will spark friendships.

10. You will discover self-fulfillment.

At the end of each day, you will fall asleep satisfied, because you spent your waking hours being productive. Not only did you get work done, but you worked on something you are proud of creating. Most people cannot say they do what they love for a living, but you can. You are one of the lucky ones.