The 15 Best Modeling Agencies In Toronto, Canada

Here are the top modeling agencies in Toronto.

Toronto, Canada is a bustling, diverse city with a lot to do and see throughout the year. With pockets throughout GTA that have been touted the “The coolest in the world” by magazines like Vogue, Toronto is quickly becoming a place where a lot of creatives come to live, and work. This is also true of the modeling scene and there numerous modeling agencies in Toronto that have a real impact on the global modeling scene.

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When it comes to modeling agencies in Toronto, from commercial jobs to editorials, the clients in the market are very loyal to the creatives they work with, using them time and time again. This loyalty adds a sense of community to the industry in the city, and a lot of models work with boutique agencies and their small roster of clients for years on end.

There are generally two types of models that work well in Toronto. The first are editorially based new faces, who have just started modeling. These models are known for walking in Toronto Fashion Week, posing for magazines such as Elle, and padding their portfolio in hopes of booking a campaign.

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modeling agencies in Toronto

The second types of models that work abundantly in Toronto, are commercial models who have a more mature, refined look. These models are extremely successful in the city, because they have established their relationships with reoccurring clients. Due to their professionalism, they work consistently for high rates and have a roster of big clients under their belts.

Modeling Agencies in Toronto

1. Elite Model Management

Located at 550 Queen Street East, Suite 105, Toronto, Ontario M5A 1V2

Phone: (416) 369 9995

 Opened 1977, Elite started in New York and is one of the most well respected modeling agencies in Toronto and the world  Representing mega models like Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen and Iman, they have made a name for themselves and have created relationships with high profile creatives, clients, and prospective models. Elite doesn’t just operate out of Toronto and New York, though. You also can find their agencies in Los Angeles and Miami.

2. Icon Model Management

Located at 130 Spadina Ave., Suite 402, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2L4

Phone: (416) 504-7034

Icon Model Management is one of the most well respected and recognized modeling agencies in Toronto. By focusing on models that embody themes that are extremely on trend, ICON represents models that are constantly chosen to be featured in high end fashion magazines, television shows, movies, fashion week catwalks, and jealousy-inducing ad campaigns.

3. Next Models

Located at 777 Richmond Street West., Suite 2029 Toronto, Ontario M6J 0C2

Phone: (416) 603 4807

While Next Canada first opened in Montreal in 1999, in 2000 they opened a second office in Toronto. They represent top models like Crista Cober, Kim Cloutier and Yasmin Warsame. Because of their relevance in both the Toronto and Montreal market, Next quickly became a Canadian agency to watch, and they have flourished in the modeling industry.

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4. Elmer Olsen Model Management

Located at 477 Richmond Street West Suite 708 Toronto, Ontario M5V 3E7

Phone: (416) 366 6335

Due to their experienced and passionate management team, Elmer Olsen Model Management is at the forefront of representation for some of the world’s top male and female models. Because of their unique approach to the industry, Elmer Olsen’s models work with the most renowned fashion magazines, and are always booking large scale advertising campaigns worldwide.


Located at 55 Stewart Street – Suite 407, Toronto ON, M5V 2V1

Phone: (647) 348-2232

First starting up in 2013 in LA, TWO quickly became Los Angeles’ most trusted agency for high end advertising, and catalog work. Within two years they represented mostly all of the top models on the West Coast, and have continued to fan the flames of their success by utilizing their relationships with models like Hailey Clauson and Alice Metza. Because of that, they have been able to open offices in Toronto and Scandinavia, and they are quickly elevating themselves to become one of the most sought-after agencies on the International circuit.

6. B&M Models

Located at 645 King Street West, Suite 401 Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M5

Phone: (416) 504 5584

B&M is Toronto’s leading boutique agency for models looking to work with a smaller industry leader. They specialize in managing models and creating relationships with them that allow for them to build upon a mode’s specific goals and vision. Because of this, B&M Models is known for their personalized and individualized management. They refuse to take on a plethora of new faces, but rather, believe in the models they choose and work hard to ensure that all of their talent find success.

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7. Plutino Group

Located at 1444 Dupont Street, Unit 37D, Toronto, Ontario M6P 4H3

Phone: (416) 504 1605

Plutino Group is more than just a modeling agency in Toronto  — they represent award winning hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion stylists, creative directors, designers, videographers, and producers. Because of this, they are a one stop shop for any client, and they have created a name for themselves in the Toronto modeling scene due to their management style, and  the way their rosters allow for them to easily execute any ideas and visions a brand may have. Plutino Group prides itself on being the kind of agency that can do it all.

8. Dulcedo Management

Located at 119 Spadina Avenue, Suite #404 Toronto, Ontario M5V 2L1

Phone: (647) 352-5272

Dulcedo Management looks for the X factor when it comes to the models they represent. A little more exclusive than other agencies, they focus a lot of their attention on who a model is, and what they stand for, rather than what they have done in their careers so far. Having started on Facebook, messaging friends of friends who looked like they could model, and building up their roster from there, Dulcedo understands what it means to have faith in potential, and they have managed to create a successful agency out of that philosophy.

9. Anita Norris Models

Located at 313-90 Sumach Street Toronto, Ontario M5A 4R4

Phone: (416) 792-0357

Established in 2008 by Anita Norris, Anita Norris Models is a full service boutique modeling agency that does it all — from model scouting, to development, to international placement on the fashion circuit, to talent management, they have the means, and the passion, to not only establish up and coming models, but to ensure that they become success stories. ANM focuses on new faces, and is there from the start, helping them with image development, and branding, while empowering those they represent to be confident in their abilities.

10. Sutherland Models

Located at 90 Sumach Street, Suite 403 Toronto, Ontario M5A 4R4

Phone: (416) 703-7070

Sutherland Models has been an agency in the modeling industry for over 33 years. Established in 1985, they created a strong team of talent managers, and have made a name for themselves as the kind of agency that works tirelessly and passionately to promote and represent their models. Sutherland focuses on clients within the industries of magazines, advertising, e-commerce,  and television & film productions.

11. Angie’s AMTI

Located at 245 Carlaw Avenue, Studio 409 Toronto, Ontario M4M 2S1

Phone: (416) 532-3838

With headquarters in Ottawa and Toronto, Angie’s has been around since the 1990s, and they are a renowned, and well respected agency within the Canadian market. Founded by Angie Sakla-Seymour, AMTI is known for the way they treat their clients, and they have been referred to as family by many of the models they represent. Fielding editorial, catalogue, and advertising work, Angie’s has not only managed to create an extremely positive culture surrounding their management style, but they have established themselves as an agency that has the means to make any up and coming model a success.

12. WANT Management

Located at 25 Carlton Street Toronto, Ontario M5B1L4


Want Management is a traditional mother agency that has quickly established itself as an agency with an innovative eye that discovers and develops new faces that have caught the attention of today’s fashion image makers and clientele. With up and comers like Mathieu Simoneau, Cami You-Ten, and established models Ryan Keating and Amber Witcomb on it’s roster, Want Management has solidified it’s place in the modeling world as an agency that knows what the next hot face will be. It is with strategic management, selectivity, and long term planning that has enabled us to take our models to the next level.

One of our only traditional mother agencies on this list, Want Management has established itself as an industry leader when it comes to talent discovery, and development. Known for their innovative approach to the models they bring in to represent, Want has catered to the every-trendy fashion industry, and they have managed to use this to their advantage when booking high end campaigns, print work, and television opportunities. With bright young stars like Mathieu Simoneau, and professional models Amber Witcomb on it’s roster, Want Management has shown the industry that it has what it takes to consistently find the next big “it” model.

13. Spot6 Management Inc.

Located at 36 Blue Jays Way #721 Toronto, Ontario M5V 3T3

Phone: (416) 506-1265

Having worked with brands like YSL and Christian Dior, Spot 6 Management has established itself as one of the most sought after agencies in Canada. Launched in 2009 by industry heavyweight Cynthia Cully, Sopt6 dedicated itself to discovering bright, young models, and bringing them into the international circuit. Their approach to management is team based, making it feel a lot like a boutique agency that simply just has the reach and the reputation of an international mother agency. Spot 6 Management represents some of the most current and exciting models worldwide, including supermodel and Canadian icon Coco Rocha.

14. LANG Models

Located at 2 Fieldway Rd Toronto, Ontario M8Z 0B9

Phone: (416) 504-5068

Founded by Diane Lang and Cindi Gerster, LANG models came onto the scene in 2013. Between its two founders, it holds 30 years of industry experience under its belt, and its no surprise that it has quickly risen to the top of the rankings when it comes to modeling agencies in Toronto. By catering to a boutique style management approach, LANG supports its models not only by ensuring their success, but by helping them out with their personal brand, their social media, and international opportunities.

15. Chantale Nadeau

Located at Toronto, ON

Phone: (416) 388-7049

Founded in 2005, Chantale Nadeau is a highly acclaimed mother agency in Toronto, and they have managed to launch the successful careers of top models like Richelle Dobson, Simona McIntyre, Dani Seitz and Sophie Touchet. What this mother agency does is help models get placed with other modeling agencies in Toronto and around the world. 

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