Hub Member Models & Photographers with Beachy Vibes

We’ve all had that fantasy, you know the one where you quit everything, run from responsibility and live out the rest of your life in a bungalow by the ocean. There are some days when I want it more than others. Whether it’s summer, fall, winter, or spring there’s something captivating about the ocean and about life on the beach. The World feels full of possibility, but you don’t feel rushed or pressured to join in. Your sense of time goes away, you get to live in the moment, be inspired, and feel completely free. Below we put together a few accounts that make us remember how much we love the beach, from the sand in our toes, and the waves crashing in the distance their pages take us all back to the water.


Kiana is a photographer and model from Los Angeles, California. She works with various brands and is always wearing an outfit that would allow her to jump into the water within a moments notice. We love her editing style and her carefree vibes that prove that life by the ocean really is more simple.

Photo of Kiana Nicio

Gracie is a model from Acworth, Georgia. She loves to grow in her creativity while helping others explore their own creative mindset. Along with modeling she also blogs and does wedding make up. Her feed has that carefree summer vibe to it. Think slushies on a hot day, and bleach blonde hair and sunkissed skin. While not all of her photos are of the beach she does a great job balancing out the seasons and all of her summertime photos bring us back to our favorite summer memories growing up.

Photo of Gracie Parker

Mckenna is a CORE H member from Lincoln, Nebraska. She doesn’t let being from a landlocked state stop her from showing us how to have fun in the sun and sand. From San Diego, CA to Destin, FL she has us covered on both coasts. If you find yourself struggling to put together the perfect beach outfit that then you definitely should check out Mckenna’s page. Her beach styles and wardrobe are killer and she wastes no time showing off the various bikinis and cover-ups that you can wear to be one of the most stylish people hanging out by the ocean or pool. 

Photo of McKenna Leitschuck

Cheyenne is a model from Sandy Creek, Georgia. Her page has us wishing it was summer all the time. Her photos make you just want to go on an adventure and never come back. Whether she is doing yoga on the beach, pushing her way through the lush green rainforest, or posing in a bikini with tall skyscrapers rising behind her she makes it look effortless. Cheyenne also blogs about travel, fashion, yoga, beauty, and self-help. She loves sharing her passions with this community.

Photo of Cheyenne Mosley

Charly Jordan, it’s easy to assume that if you are part of the H community then you have heard her name. Charly is an inspiration to many. She followed her dream to become a model and worked hard and tirelessly to get to where she is today. She is based in Salt Lake City, Utah but she is constantly on the go. Her page is just so full of life, and passion for being alive. The happiness she portrays is contagious. It’s so easy to live vicariously through her work and to find the inspiration and courage to pursue something you are passionate about.

Photo of Charly Jordan

Alizah is from Mercer Island, Washington. She travels all over the world and her appeal comes from the wildness that she portrays through her feed. It’s not just about beaches and relaxation, but excitement and beauty, and the unknown. She makes you feel as if you can be anywhere in the world. We like that her images remain constant in the fact that they are always changing. That element of wanderlust is always there, but it’s never the same thing twice. 

Photo of Alizah Akiko

Jessica is a model based in Los Angeles, she is also a marketing director and photographer. Her work just has that, “live your life to the fullest” vibe. We only get one life so why waste it doing anything other than what we want to be doing. Happiness is the main theme through her work. With lots of light, smiles, and endless positivity it’s easy to keep returning to her page for more.

Photo of Jessica Altieri

Caron is a photographer from Laguna Beach and he is all things tropical. The work he does screams beach bums. It makes us all look forward to that next vacation. His photos are the ones we longingly look at when we need to escape. They are beautifully executed and edited and you’ll never want to be anywhere that doesn’t have an ocean and a gorgeous sunset ever again.

Photo of Carson Grezegorczyk

Shaye is a CORE H member from Jupiter, Florida. Her goal is to inspire others to find the beauty in everything. She loves to create magical images that stay with people. She photographs countless models to showcase the magic that everyone brings to this life. Her work challenges us all to feel the soul and life inside us all. 

Photo of Shaye Babb

Natasha is a photographer from Auckland, New Zealand. Her vibes are hippie, wild, and carefree. You crave a life of no worries when you visit her page. Island hop, enjoy tropical beaches, swim in crystal clear waters, gaze at mesmerizing colors, and feel permanently on vacation.

Photo of Natasha Ladd

This summer when you are feeling down about not being on that beautiful vacation check out these Hub members and their exciting work. Live through them and then find your own inspiration to go out and enjoy the beauty of this world even if it’s only for a few hours at the end of every day. You’d be surprised how much this can change your life.