Top Ten Famous Indian Photographers

As you may have read on the blog a while ago, we featured the talented, creative and innovative artists of Korea. This week, we are featuring the photography world of beautiful India, highlighting ten photographers that have gained popularity for their unique style and vision. Let’s view some of the most influential photographers below:

Hashim Badani

A photographer of both fashion and documentary talents, Badani is a talented artist whose work represents the culture, colors, and essence of India. His street and portrait work is full of strength and emotion, allowing the viewer an inside look into the way of life in India.

Samar Singh Virdi

As a documentary photographer and National Geographic Grand Shot Cover Finalist, Virdi is known for his vibrant photographs of Indian life. His photographs contain simple compositions that focus on the subject with intention and purpose. His portraits and images of the streets effortlessly describe the varying traditions and trademarks of his country.

Subhash Chandra

Chandra is a nature and landscape photographer whose images primarily feature the jarring beauty of the Himalayas. His captures the environment in varying degrees of light and uses a perspective from his adventures at high viewpoints over the terrain.

Richa Nag

Richa Nag is a wedding photographer capturing the intricate and beautiful traditions of Indian matrimony. His images are incredibly rich in color and display the raw emotions of these special ceremonies.

Ravi Choudhary

Choudhary is a photojournalist capturing the life and essence of India. Whether photographing his country’s festivals and celebrations or the somber feelings of soldiers at war, his work tells the true and honest story of India.

Ashish Shah

As a portrait photographer, Shah’s work is focused primarily on creating emotional, moody depictions of his subjects. Whether shooting for fashion or documentary, his creative eye is evident through the compositions he produces.

Bikramjit Bose

Bose is a fashion photographer creating conceptual, abstract portraits for editorial spreads and fashion lookbooks. His perspective allows the subject to showcase power and assertion, making his images memorable and truly unique.

Porus Vimadalal

Editorial and Fashion Photographer, Vimadalal creates stunning images for brands and publications around the world. His work is marked with beautiful subjects and captivating coloring and tones.

Rohan Hande

Hande is a portrait photographer that using strong perspective and collages to create and frame the focus of his images. His work is interlaced with colors and elements that bring forth feelings of strength and power.

Bharat Sikka

Bharat is an esteemed fine art photographer who infuses portrait, street, still life and studio to create her body of work. Her images are full of warm tones and abstract compositions that define her style and eye for the photographic medium.

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