What is The H Hub?

The Hub is a platform that connects talented content Creators to awesome brands and individuals looking for great visual content: photos, videos, GIFs, and more. Every creator on The Hub has been hand-selected by the H team – we think it’s the best group of Photographers, Videographers, Models, Stylists and Makeup Artists ever assembled! 🙂

What can I use The H Hub for?

The Hub is open to any brand or individual looking to collaborate on awesome visual content. We’ve got an awesome range of talent on The Hub who can shoot pretty much anything you’re looking for – check ‘em out. Obviously a few restrictions apply (let’s keep it clean people!) so feel free to check out our Terms of Use if you’d like to go deeper into the details.

I’m a Client…

How much does The H Hub cost?

It is completely free for clients to sign up and post a job on The Hub. You’ll decide on your budget and work out the exact amount for your project directly with the Creator you hire. So in the end…it’s up to you.

How do I post a job on The H Hub?

Just sign up here (it’s quick we promise!) Once you’ve signed up, you’ll immediately get access to our job board and can post your job(s).

What happens after I post a job?

Once your job is posted to our job board, Creators from the community will bid for the chance to work with on it. Once you have a bid from a Creator you love, you can message with each other right on The Hub to align on the details. Once you’ve both approved the Agreement details, your Creator will get to work!  (Pro Tip: create a strong brief and moodboard, and you’ll have the best creators bidding in no time at all!)

Can I invite specific Creators to my job?

Absolutely! Once you post your job, you can use our powerful database to search Creators and preview some of their work. When you find someone you love, just click their profile and invite them to bid.

When do I pay the Creator I’ve hired? And how?

When both parties have agreed on a project, you’ll approve the agreement, and be asked to enter the credit card that you’d like to pay with. The card will be charged, and funds will be held in escrow by us until the project is complete. When your creator sends you assets, you’ll have a chance to review and approve them prior to downloading. When you download your assets, payment is sent directly to the Creator you worked with. This ensures Clients are happy with the work and Creators are paid quickly.

What if I’m not happy with the work I receive back?

Clients and Creators should discuss the matter and work together to resolve any issues. Make sure before beginning a project, you discuss the specific vision and deliverables, and outline them in your agreement together. We’ve included some helpful suggestions on how to resolve issues that arise in our dispute resolution guidelines. If you have an issue more serious than the quality of work, or that you can’t resolve directly with your creator, just reach out to us anytime at support@thehhub.com

What is your refund policy?

Funds are only transferred when you approve and download the work.If for some reason you’ve been charged, and the project has to be canceled prior to a creator shooting work for you, contact support@thehhub.com and we’ll get a refund sorted out (a 3% fee may be charged on refunds to cover the initial credit card processing fee.)

What happens if I run into a different problem?

Start by having a look at the suggestions in our dispute resolution guidelines, and if that doesn’t answer your questions, just reach out to our team at support@thehhub.com

I’m a Creator…

What types of creators can apply to be on The H Hub?

Right now, we accept applications for Photographers, Videographers, Models, Makeup Artists, and Stylists.

How do I get started?

Just fill out the application here and someone from the H team will review it soon!

Why do you need my SSN?

If you make enough on the platform (and we hope you will!) you’re legally required to pay taxes on what you’ve earned. So, at the end of the year, we’ll send you a 1099 for your tax return. One of the benefits of working via The H Hub is that you’ll get one document reflecting all of your jobs on the platform, so taxes will be that much easier!

Do I have to enter my SSN and bank account info to use The H Hub?

You can find and collaborate with other creatives on the platform without providing your banking info. But if you want access to the Job Board for paid projects, you’ll need to enter your information.

What happens if someone hires me and I run into a problem?

Start by having a look at our dispute resolution guidelines, and if that doesn’t answer your questions, just reach out to our team at support@thehhub.com

I can’t log into my account, what do I do?

For any technical questions or issues please email support@thehhub.com and we’ll help sort it out ASAP.

Why should I interact with Clients through The H Hub? Why not just email them directly to manage the project?

Great question! When you manage projects via The H Hub, you get:

  • A More Secure Way to Work: the H team monitors for any issues or scams, and works diligently to keep a safe and secure place for great Clients and Creators to connect. Keeping all conversations on the platform ensures we can monitor activity and help if issues arise along the way.
  • Paid Faster: when a Client agrees to a job on The Hub, they are immediately billed for the full budget. Those funds are held securely at H, and as soon as you finish your project, we trigger payment to you. Waiting weeks for payment is a thing of the past!
  • One 1099 Form for Your Taxes: we’ll send you one 1099 at the end of the year that includes all of the jobs you complete on The Hub. No need to try and track down paperwork from every client, or fill our vendor paperwork every time you work with someone new.

Why do I need to upload assets to The H Hub? Why not just send a link?

Clients need to review and download assets directly on The Hub in order for payment to be triggered. Simply put, it’s how you get paid!

What does the rating on my profile mean? Who decides my rating?

Your rating is based on two factors: a score from our panel of creatives, after reviewing your work, and if you’ve completed any jobs for Clients on The Hub, a score based on their experience working with you.

Why does The Hub charge Creators a fee on paid projects?

The H team works incredibly hard every day to strengthen the community, and make The Hub the best place for Creators to connect with Brands. We charge an 18% fee on each project to help fuel that mission. The funds keep our team going and our technology improving.