6 Sony Mirrorless Cameras To Take Your Photography To The Next Level

sony mirrorless camera
Photo by Michael Soledad on Unsplash

If you’re a Sony camera user, you already know about their exceptional image quality. Sony is a top manufacturer of high quality and well built camera systems for every kind of photographer.

In fact, with the introduction of mirrorless camera systems over the past few years, Sony has become one of the leading producers of mirrorless technology.

As a photographer, discovering and testing out new gear is a key part of finding your go-to camera. So, we have to ask:

Are you looking to switch up your gear from the traditional DSLR system?

Or, do you want to test out one of Sony’s latest products?

Then, you need consider using a mirrorless imaging system.

So, to give you some insight on Sony’s latest gear and offer our recommendations, here is our list of the top 6 Sony mirrorless cameras to take your photography to the next level.

The Top 6 Sony Mirrorless Cameras

Sony Alpha a7IIK

The first Sony mirrorless camera on our list is the Alpha a7IIK.  You can purchase this system with the body only or add the 28-70mm lens.

This camera is equipped with the world’s first 5-axis in-body image stabilization in a full frame system. Therefore, it is designed with the ability to reduce the blur of your lens caused by camera shake.

It has a 24.3 MP resolution and lens compensation to eliminate chromatic aberration and distortion.

Plus, it is compatible with Sony’s E-mount lenses. Ranked #7 in mirrorless systems, this is a camera you need to test out.

Grab your own Sony Alpha a7IIK here. 

sony mirrorless
Sony Alpha a7IIK

Sony Alpha a6000 

Our second Sony mirrorless camera is the a6000. 

This camera has a compact build with a 24 megapixel resolution. It records in 1080p video quality and has a 3-inch tilting LCD screen.

You can pair the body with a 55-210mm or the 16-50mm Sony lens.

This camera is known for its high quality and fast speed performance. It is designed with 11 frames per second continuous shooting.

And, it has a wide range ISO that allows it to perform well in low lighting situations.

So, if you’re looking for a powerhouse, compact camera – this one is for you.

Pick up your own Sony Alpha a6000 here. 

sony mirrorless camera
Sony Alpha a6000

Sony Alpha a6400

Our third Sony mirrorless camera is the a6400. This camera has a compact APS-C sensor with interchangeable lens capabilities.

Plus, it has real time eye auto focus, 4K video and a flip up touchscreen.

With a 24.2 megapixel resolution, this camera is the ideal setup for travel, landscape and even portrait images. If you want to create high quality snaps on-the-go, look no further.

In fact, with the flip up screen – this camera is perfect for capturing videos and vlogging.

Check out the Sony Alpha a6400 here. 

sony mirrorless camera
Sony Alpha a6400

Sony Alpha a6300 

Our fourth Sony mirrorless camera is the a6300. With its 24.2 megapixel surface area, this camera is a true performer in low light situations.

It has a high-speed processing engine that gives your images and videos stunning resolution and detail.

Additionally, this camera has 425 phase detection AF points. Which makes it a great system for capturing moving subjects.

If you are a photographer on the go and want to capture high quality moving images and videos, this is the best camera for you.

Read more about the Sony Alpha a6300 here. 

sony mirrorless camera
Sony Alpha a6300

Sony a7 III 

Our fifth Sony mirrorless camera is the a7 III. 

This camera has a full frame image sensor with 24.2 megapixels and 4K video recording capabilities.

It is regarded as one of the most advanced technologies on the full frame market today. It is used by both photographer and videographers alike for its capture control and quality.

The image processor allows you to capture every detail with precision. It also has the longest battery life of any mirrorless camera.

Therefore, for professional performance, you need this Sony camera for your next shoot.

View the Sony a7 III here. 

sony mirrorless camera
Sony a7 III

Sony a7R III 

Lastly, Our sixth Sony mirrorless camera is the a7R III.  This model is also a full-frame, interchangeable lens system.

It can be paired with Sony’s E-Mount lenses. This camera takes image quality to the next level with its 42.4 megapixel resolution. Therefore, making it truly a step up from other full frame options.

Known for its reliability, flexibility and versatility – photographers, videographers and image makers choose the a7R III for their creative projects.

It is an impressive tool that allows us to, “Capture and create in ways we never could before.”

So, if you’re ready to take your professional images to the next level, there is no better professional mirrorless camera on the market.

Pick up your own Sony a7R III here. 

sony mirrorless camera
Sony a7R III