10 Point-and-Shoot Cameras Under $200

The first 35mm film camera came to be popular around 1934, and since then, the design and quality has improved immensely. Point-and-shoot cameras are pretty ease to use (seriously, point your camera at something, press the button, and there ya go) and that’s why it’s so popular in the photography community and industry. There are so many different types of 35mm cameras that can be found if you look hard enough (thrift stores, a box in your grandparents’ basement, Ebay, Amazon, antique stores).

Maybe you’re just getting into photography or maybe you want to switch things up and get a new camera, but if you’re looking for a point-and-shoot camera, here’s a collection of photos that were taken on each of these cameras listed. Maybe you’ll be inspired to splurge.

1. Olympus XA

Jonas Quirin

35mm rangefinder film.

2. Olympus Trip 35MM

Danny Salvador

35mm film.

3. Nikon Lite Touch AF600

Gary Crowhurst

28mm panoramic film.

4. Canon Autoboy 3


38mm film with 1:2.8 Autofocus Flash.

5. Minolta AF101R

Gosha Maslov

35mm autofocus film camera.

6. Ricoh R1


35mm autofocus film camera.

7. Minolta Talker

Abel Blackwell

Auto Focus AF-S V 35mm Photo Flash Camera 1:2.8

8. Konica Big Mini 

Evan Henderson

BM-302 35mm film.

9. Nikon L35AF


35mm SLR film.

10. Fuji Tiara

Ben Sandler

28mm fuji cardia mini.

There are tons of film cameras out there, but if you’re looking for something under $200, visit a thrift store or find one online (Ebay or Amazon are your best bets) and get shooting!