Creating A Safe Space For The Trans Community

We talked with Landyn Pan, a trans-masculine and non-binary photographer, about creating a safe space for trans people and their take on representation in media.

“We still have a long way to go, in terms of trans representation and non-binary representation.”

They have a photo series called “trans & GNC naked paint party” where people of all different backgrounds, races, and sexualities come together to talk about their identities.

They said that people first enter the space feeling uncomfortable. After everyone has talked and taken the time to hear each others’ stories, they get naked and they paint each others’ bodies.

It’s a challenge. It’s vulnerable.

The photos series consists of people and their painted bodies, expressing themselves in the way that is most comfortable.

Landyn said they want a safe space for trans people to explore their feelings about their bodies. They want people to understand that there’s no specific way that trans looks.

“I make my work for people like me. We need things that are geared towards us.”