How To Get Started As A Stylist

How do you get into the industry as a stylist?

How do you find inspiration for each photoshoot?

We talked with Yen, a stylist from New York, about the industry and what inspires her to do the work she does.

First and foremost, you have to master the skill of making a mood board.

Create a concept based on things that inspire you. Create a board to show to the photographer, the model, the makeup artist, and whoever else is involved in the photoshoot, what ideas you have. Put in effort – it shows how much you care.

Give attention to the little things even, like steaming and ironing and folding and making sure each piece really works well together. Make sure the rest of the team on set knows what you’re thinking and what you’re working with.

It’s easier to communicate with everyone on set if you show them the ideas you have in your head rather than try to explain them. For Yen, she’s inspired by things that are close to her. Whether if it’s inspiration from her grandma, a trend she’s drawn to, a song she’s been listening to, or a mood she’s in, her styling technique is influenced by the things that are around her and a part of her.

If you want to get in the industry, she emphasizes: keep shooting and keep building up your portfolio. Take opportunities to assist other stylists and learn from them. Experience those moments and understand that though it will be tough at the beginning, you’ll learn so much after every shoot. Whether if the experience was good or bad, understand that no matter what the vibe was — every shoot is still important.