The Best Selfie Cameras You Can Buy Right Now

Antoine Beauvillain

As a creative, documenting your life through work, travel and the every day moments is important. You see the world as a blank canvas – ready to roam, explore and splash your artistic mark wherever you go.

Whether you’re capturing self portraits, embarking on new adventures or just exploring your local city, you want to create memories and document yourself in the moment. While you may not always have a second shooter to snap your picture, you’ll be able to create your own unique portraits with a top notch selfie camera.

Although the selfie concept has been around for years – flashback to taking self portraits in the mirror – the ingenuity of the self facing camera revolutionized this photographic trend. While the iPhone has come to dominate the selfie space, there are now several compact, high quality cameras that are perfect for capturing self portraits.

The Features Of A Good Selfie Camera

When choosing a camera for self portraits, there are a few features you should consider before purchasing. A camera that will be suitable for selfies should include:

  • Forward Facing Flip Screen – This is the most important element of capturing a good selfie, the forward facing flip screen allows you to see your image and adjust your framing or composition as needed.
  • Touch Screen – This will help you to focus the camera on your face by touching the screen, some cameras also allow the shutter to be released and snap the photo by using the touch capability.
  • High Quality Megapixels – The higher the megapixels, the better the quality of your selfie.
  • Wide Angle Lens – A wider angle allows you to fill the frame and even include some of your background into the image
  • Bonus Feature – WIFI – Although this isn’t a necessity, purchasing a camera with Wifi functionality allows you to send the image directly to your phone for easy and fast uploading.

As you can see there are several features you should look for when purchasing a new camera. To help you decide which camera is best for you, these are the top 5 selfie cameras for your creative self portraits that you can buy right now. Let’s check them out below:

Canon G7X Mark II

The Canon G7X Mark II may be the top camera for capturing your selfie photography. Not only is it easy to use, it creates incredibly high quality images. The camera has a wide angle lens with an aperture range that goes down to 1.8, which is perfect for low light situations. With 20.1 megapixels and shooting at 8 frames per second – this camera is an innovative powerhouse for compact devices. The LCD flip up screen measures at 1 inch and has touch screen capabilities for easy focusing.

Fujifilm XT-100

The Fujifilm XT-100 is a high quality, compact mirrorless camera. With 24.5 megapixels, the image quality of this camera renders natural skin tones and beautiful colors. It has a sensor that is 14 times larger than those found in smartphones which allows it to create better quality images in low lighting situations. The 3 Way Tilt LCD screen is perfect for capturing selfies. It is able to flip horizontally and tilt vertically with a touch screen capability for both photo and video modes.

Sony HX 80

The Sony HX 80 camera is an affordable option with high quality features. With 18.2 megapixels and a 30 times optical zoom, this camera is guaranteed to create stunning images at any viewpoint. It has an electronic viewfinder and flip up LCD screen perfect for creating selfie images. It also features WIFI capabilities for sending your images with the Sony Camera applications. The camera is small in size which makes it easy to carry with you at all times and ready to capture any moment.

Sony RX100 III

The Sony RX100 III is a 20.1 megapixel compact, digital camera. It comes equipped wth a 24-70 Zeiss zoom lens with an aperture range of F1.8 to 2.8. The 1 inch sensor of the camera is designed for light sensitivity and noise reduction which allows it to photograph well in dimly lit environments. The camera is selfie ready with a multi-angle, 3 inch screen. The screen is bright and allows you to easily scroll through your high quality still images. The camera also offers a WIFI connectivity with touch connection for quick and simple exporting of your images to your smartphone.

Fujifilm X-A5 

Our final choice for the top selfie cameras is the Fujifilm X-A5 mirrorless camera. This camera comes with a 15-45 mm wide angle lens with an aperture range of 3.5-5.6. This allows you to not only capture your own portrait, but effectively showcase your backdrop as well. The camera has 24.2 megapixels and Bluetooth technology for automatic transferring of your images to your smartphone. This camera is ideal for selfies with its rotating 180 degree LCD monitor. The LCD screen has eye detection for auto focusing as well as a portrait enhancer to make adjustments to skin tones for better, high quality selfies.

As you can see from our list, a top-notch selfie camera must include some vital features. A camera with a titling LCD screen, high quality megapixels, touch screen for autofocusing, a wide angle lens and WIFI capabilities will be the perfect tool to start creating your unique and captivating selfie portraits.