You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Your Sanity For Your Art

You Don't Have To Sacrifice Your Sanity For Your Art
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You have to forget everything you have learned about the tortured artist. You don’t have to suffer in order to come up with ideas for your art. You don’t have to be a starving artist in order to be taken seriously as a creator.

You cannot use your art as an excuse to be miserable. You cannot buy into the stereotypes you have seen in movies and magazines. You might have heard famous singers fret about how they aren’t sure if they will still be able to make good music while sober or while in a happy marriage. You might have heard stories about Edgar Allen Poe being abandoned by his father, being mistreated by his foster family, and losing his wife to an early death. You might think pain is what drives your favorite creators — and you might be right.

However, pain is not the only place you can find inspiration for your art. You do not have to go through tough times in order to create quality content. Your happiest moments might provide you with inspiration. They might give you the best idea you have ever had. If not, if pain is what truly motivates you, you can always draw from your past. Falling in love does not mean you are going to forget what your last heartbreak felt like. Buying a house does not mean you will forget what it was like to live off microwavable meals.

It is possible to be a successful artist when you are happy and at peace with yourself. When your mind is in a relaxed, uncluttered state, it will actually be easier for you to come up with inventive ideas. You should not worry about losing your edge once you fall in love or land your dream career. Being a starving artist is overrated. Losing your talents once you settle down is a myth.

You are not supposed to self-destruct for the sake of your art. You are not supposed to torture yourself in order to get your ideas down on paper. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you should be having a good time. You should be enjoying every step. You should feel comforted by your art, not tortured by your art.

You cannot let your mental health take a hit in the hopes you will sell your latest creation. Your health comes first. The better you feel, the better art you will create. Torturing yourself is not going to make you good at your job. It is going to make you less enthusiastic about doing your job. It is going to make you wish you were doing something else, which should never be the case when you are pursuing your passion.

You don’t have to sacrifice your sanity for your art. Your art will flourish when you are in a healthy state of mind. You will have a much easier time concentrating. You will have a much easier time coming up with ideas. You will have a much easier time creating art you are proud to call your own.

You should not be afraid of happiness. You should not engage in self-destructive behaviors because you believe it will benefit your art. Torturing yourself is going to backfire. It is going to lower the quality of your art and lower your overall happiness.

Even though you have heard rumors about starving and tortured artists, you should not buy into the idea you have to be miserable in order to be creative. It is possible to be a productive, successful artist when you are happy. It is possible to have it all.