5 Places To Shoot In New Orleans

5 Places To Shoot In New Orleans
Brent Gorwin

The Big Easy is one of the most coveted photo destinations in North America. While it isn’t on a lot of bucket lists right now, the recent resurgence of interest in multicultural landmarks in the U.S.A. has brought New Orleans to the forefront. The French influence on the state has lead to a stunning city rife with broad landscapes to satisfy many tastes. Here are some of my best places to shoot in New Orleans.

The French Quarter

This is the most obvious place to start, but don’t skip it just because it is everyones must-do in New Orleans. The unique architecture is a mix of French countryside with colonial flair, and the balconies at every turn demand attention, with flowing flower baskets and rough iron railings. Avoid Bourbon Street in the early morning and mid-afternoon onward as it gets rather crowded, but the sweet spot between 9am and noon is perfect for staging shots as long as the festival isn’t in season.

Frenchman Art Market

Most people miss this little gem, as it’s not on a lot of maps, but if you can find the time to wander in the twinkly lights overhead, and enjoy the jazzy atmosphere while checking out local art. The magical evening moment is a joy to capture local and tourists alike as they while away the evening in music and culture.

St Louis Cemetery

The above ground cemetery is home to notorious voodoo tombs and infamous former residents of New Orleans. Take a tour or venture out alone, the mausoleums and above ground tombs are less creepy and more unusual. This is not the place for fashion shots, as that would be considered disrespectful to the deceased, but makes a great landscape backdrop.

Garden District

While the French Quarter is lined with apartment styled villas close together in the city centre, the Garden District is home to sprawling southern style mansions. The architecture will leave you gaping in awe, and your camera will thank you for the stunning view.

Jackson Square

An iconic site and home to the St. Louis Cathedral, wander here in the late afternoon and evening to get in on the action of street musicians and performers. The area can best be described as quirky, and the multicoloured buildings to be found in the surrounding areas make great photo fodder.

New Orleans is best described as a visual feast, and if you search AirBnB you can find some stunning gems to rent in the French Quarter that include courtyard access to the hidden gardens of the residential area. I highly recommend adding this city to your next adventure.