The 10 Best Photography Backdrops For Your Images

The 10 Best Photography Backdrops for Your Images
Emma Frances Logan

A simple way to infuse creativity into your studio photography sessions is to use interesting and dynamic backdrops. Photography backdrops come in various materials such as paper, cloth, muslin, canvas, vinyl and even velvet.

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You can choose a photography backdrop with a solid color, hand-painted design, air-brushed or even a blending of artistic elements. There are several suppliers and designers of photography backdrops that you can choose from for your photographic shoot.

Savage is one of the largest and well known sellers of photography backdrops. You can purchase any of the backdrops from their online store as well as find similar styles at local photography shops or online retailers such as Amazon.

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To help your brainstorm your next photography session, we have compiled a list of the 10 best photography backdrops for your creative images.

Best Photography Backdrops

Seamless Paper Photography Backdrops
Photo Credits: Ryan Walsh via Savage

The Seamless Paper photography backdrops are highly popular among photographers. As one of the least expensive options, paper backdrops come in a variety of colors and sizes for your personal photography project. You can choose dimensions from 26″ by 12 yards all the way up to 107″ by 12 yards. Seamless Paper backdrops are easy to use by sliding onto your backdrop holder and securing with the backdrop clips. You can order seamless paper backdrops from most photography stores as well as reference the large selection available on Savage.

Printed Background Photography Backdrops
Photo Credits: Ryan Walsh via Savage

The Printed Background Photography Backdrops are often designed with various visual elements. They can include a holiday setting, bokeh lights, printed words, designs such as a brick wall, stripes, hearts and polka dots. These backdrops are more intricate than a standard color backdrop and would be best used for a specific type of photo event such as photographing children or for a themed party. They measure 53″ by 18′ and usually start at around $65 on Savage. You can also find individual sellers who supply printed background backdrops.

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Collapsible Backdrops
Photo Credits: Ryan Walsh via Savage

Collapsible Backdrops are offered in solid colors, printed backgrounds and painted options. The collapsible backdrop is a preferred option for photographers who are shooting in smaller spaces and may not have the room for a full backdrop setup. Collapsible backdrops are easy to use and perfect for portraits and three-quarter length body shots. You can find a unique array of options on Savage’s website as well as other retailers such as Amazon or photography shops. Prices for these backdrops on Savage begin at $143.

Solid Vinyl Backdrops
Photo Credits: Ryan Walsh via Savage

Vinyl Backdrops are a great way to create drama and mood with your images due to the matte design effect. Vinyl Backdrops come in varying colors such as green, black, grey and white. These backdrops begin at 5′ by 7′ and go up to 10′ by 20′. The smallest size begins at around $42 and the largest is priced at $300. Using a vinyl backdrop can be highly effective due to its wrinkle resistant build and easy to clean material.

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Printed Vinyl Backdrops
Image Via Savage

Printed Vinyl Backdrops are comparable to that of printed paper. The main difference being the type of material being used is vinyl versus paper. The printed vinyl comes in various designs such as the blue painted wall as shown above. Savage has an array of choices from physical locations to visual designs to holiday themes and lighting elements. They are glare-free, easy to clean and lightweight. They are priced at $49.

Printed Canvas Backdrops
Photo Credits: Miguel Quiles via Savage

Printed Canvas Photography Backdrops are durable and thick. They are hand-painted and designed with various hues that emphasis the feel of fine art photography. These backdrops are sophisticated and offer a high end feel for your images. If you purchase your canvas backdrop through Savage, they offer the option for photographers to create a custom styled designed. The sizes of these backdrops are 5′ by 7′  for $135 and 8′ by 12′ for $260.

Muslin Backdrops
Via Savage

The Muslin Backdrops are versatile, durable and highly recommended by studio photographers. The design of a muslin backdrop is made of non-reflective cotton that gives an overall professional look. You can choose a muslin backdrop that is a solid color, airbrushed, hand-painted or with special effects. The Muslins sold by Savage come with a 3″ rod pocket and are sewn in on all sides for durability and visual appeal. You can easily clean these backdrops as they are machine washable. Savage offers four types of Muslin backdrops – solid, washed, crushed and hand painted.

Floor Drops
Photo Credits: Ryan Walsh via Savage

Floor Drops are photography backdrops that are designed to recreate the look of a specific location while shooting within a studio. They can be designed as rustic wood, city street brick or classic tiles. Floor Drops from Savage come in three sizes: 4′ by 5′, 5′ by 7′ and 7′ by 8′. They can be used for portraits, product shots and three-quarter length images. The material of floor drops are made from heavy duty rubber and has a polyester finish. You can walk on these and roll them up for storage. The pricing begins at $92.

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Wrinkle Resistant Polyester Backdrops
Photos by: Ryan Walsh via Savage

Wrinkle Resistant Polyester Photography Backdrops are measured 5′ by 9′ and come in a large selection of colors. These backdrops have sewn in rod pockets that allow you to easily hang them from your backdrop stand. These are recommended for photographers who need a background set up that is easy to use and affordable. Savage sells the solid colored backdrops for $44 and also offers background kits complete with 2 or 3 color options for $116 or $149.

Velvet Backdrops

The final type of backdrop you can use for your photography shoots is one made of velvet material. This may require a bit more of a DIY approach as not many major retailers sell velvet specific backdrops. In this case, you can always buy the velvet material of your choosing at a dimension that applies for your session and hang it up using backdrop clips. Velvet comes in solid colors such as black or red and is also offered in more unique tones such as silver, gold or a chromatic mixture.

To choose a photography backdrop for your next project, you can decide based on:

  • The type of material
  • The size of the backdrop
  • The color or design elements
  • The price range.

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