This Universal Lens Cap Is The Only Lens Cap You’ll Ever Need

If you’re looking for a replacement lens cap, your search has just come to an end. KUVRD has changed the game entirely with their innovative Universal Lens Cap. It fits over practically every lens in existence, and on top of that, it protects your lens from the elements.

Once you start using it, you’ll say goodbye to traditional lens caps forever.

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According to KUVRD, the Universal Lens Cap fits on “99.9998% of all DSLR and full-frame mirrorless camera lenses.” Needless to say, there’s a pretty good chance that it will fit on your camera. And in addition to its universal usage, it’s also just a flat out phenomenal lens cap.

Not only can it be used to stretch over the front of the lens, but it can also cover the rear of the lens as well. It also has an incredible grip. So, no matter what, this thing will stay tightly attached to your lens through all of your photographic adventures.

(Use coupon code SANTA30 for 30% off right now!)


The KUVRD Universal Lens Cap also protects your lens from the elements. First of all, it covers more surface area than traditional lens caps, in that it wraps around a good portion of your lens. It’s also waterproof AND dirt proof. And, on top of everything, it’s shock-absorbent as well.

Whether you shoot indoors or outdoors, the Universal Lens Cap will be your trusty sidekick.

This thing is the real deal. Just check out some of these verified customer reviews:

Just took mine to Yellowstone and Teton…they worked perfectly! Easy on and easy off and the lenses were protected. Love them so far!

-Pam Blackwell

So happy to have such amazing lens covers. They fit my lenses perfectly, and they are so easy to use!

-Julie Love

Great product…wondering why no one has done this before. Same cap covers my 67mm and 58mm lens. No accidental cap popping off the lens-best feature I like the most of all.

-Mike Ben


Remember to use coupon code SANTA30 for 30% off right now!