The 12 Best Camera Bags For Creatives In 2019

An important part of being a photographer is being able to take care of and protect your gear. It is no secret that owning camera equipment is an expensive endeavor. As you invest in equipment — whether it be camera bodies, lenses, tripods, video components, and even your personal laptop — the managing, storing, and transportation of these items require a solid and sturdy camera bag.

Purchasing a camera bag is often a personal choice based on what type of gear you have and the shape, size, and weight you prefer. Some photographers choose backpacks while others choose shoulder bags. One photographer may prefer a leather material while another prefers suede. Whichever style of camera bag you choose, it should be beneficial for you and your creative process.

To help you figure out which type of camera bag is best for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best camera bags for carrying your gear as recommended by creators at the Hub. Let’s take a look at the options below:

13 Camera Bag Options for Your Gear

Evecase Over The Shoulder Camera Bag

If you don’t have any big projects on your agenda, but you want to carry around your equipment just in case you see something that catches your eye, then this is the perfect bag for you. It is lightweight and portable, which means you can carry it around all day long without hurting your shoulder. You will be able to fit just enough equipment inside in order to get that perfect shot.



This limited edition bag is stylish and functional. Even though it weighs less than a pound, it can carry one camera, two lenses, and all your personal items inside of its five exterior pockets and padded interior. You can buy this bag, made from Italian leather, in any color of your choosing, including dusk, clay, forrest, saffron, and sea.

Think Tank PhotoStreetwalker

This backpack is perfect for the professional photographer. It contains padded compartments which will ensure that your gear remains safe while traveling. You can fit a camera, zoom lenses, and a laptop safely inside without the risk of dents or scratches. The best part? It comes with shoulder padding to make sure you always stay as comfortable as your equipment!

Tenba Messenger DNA 8 Camera Bag

This lightweight bag is perfect for mirrorless camera photographers on the go. It might look small, but it is able to carry a mirrorless body along with 2-3 lenses, accessories, and an i-Pad mini. The cover is also weather resistant, which means you will not have to worry about shooting in the snow or the rain. Your equipment will always be protected.


This backpack is travel-sized, but it is able to fit your camera gear along with your personal laptop or tablet. It has a sleek, urban-inspired design with three points of access — the side quick camera access, the lay-flat clamshell opening, and adjustable roll top. That means you are able to take out, adjust, and move around your equipment without a hassle. This bag also contains pockets that sit against your back where you can store passports and other personal items in need of safe keeping.

Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack

This sturdy, durable backpack is designed for DSLR and Mirrorless camera users. It has adjustable padded dividers, a quick-access side opening, and a padded sling strap that rotates to the front so you can access your gear at a moment’s notice. With this bag, you will never have to leave a piece of equipment home again.

The H Backpack

This waxed and waterproof pack is durable, which means your photography and editing equipment will be safe from the elements. Made with a bendable fabric, you will be able to arrange your tablets and lenses in comfortable positions without the risk of ruining them. This bag will fit everything you need–and keep you looking fashionable while you work.


Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW

This bag is designed to support your shoulder blades, lumbar, and waist so you remain comfortable the entire time you are working. But do not let its comfort fool you! This bag can fit your camera, lenses, laptop, tripod, and accessories. Made of nylon material, it contains four access points: the molded, turret-loading top, quick grab from both sides and full, back entry for set up and security. With this bag, you can carry all of your equipment for hours without growing tired.

Evecase HardShell Camera Bag

This practical, ergonomic backpack is designed for holding your digital camera and personal laptop. It has a duel front zipper to protect your equipment from an accidental fall and to give you easy access to your equipment when it’s needed. This bag is also padded and reinforced with breathable back support to make sure you work in comfort.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger

Designed in collaboration with photographer Trey Ratcliff, this bag is built for creators. The front-access panel allows you to quickly retrieve your equipment and the weatherproof expandable shell keeps your belongings protected. It also contains MagLatch closure, FlexFold dividers, and an internally padded seatbelt strap. This bag is made for photographers and by a photographer, so you know it’s going to contain everything you need.

MindShift Gear Rotation 34L Horizon Camera Backpack

This spacious, colorful backpack includes a detachable rotating belt pack. It is designed to hold your DSLR camera, lenses, flashes, laptop, and tablet. If you like to take spontaneous nature photographs while hiking, then this bag is perfect to carry with you through trails.

F-Stop Fitzroy

The next time you take an urban adventure, you should bring along this backpack. In addition to its padded shoulder straps and back panel, it has an Aqua-guard zipper, a large side zipper pocket with internal organization, and a passport pocket. If you want to take stunning photographs while looking stunning yourself, this is the bag for you.

When choosing the right camera bag you will need to decide:

  • How much gear you will be carrying — DSLR, mirrorless, number of lenses?
  • What type of style is the most comfortable — backpack, sling, shoulder bag?
  • The weather conditions you frequently shoot in — outdoors, indoors, rain or within nature?
  • The amount of money you are willing to spend — low, mid-level or high price range?

From our list above there are several options for every type of professional photographer looking for a bag that is sleek, well-designed, and within their price range.