Makeup, Photography, or Vlogging: This Mat Provides Instant Circulation

Say hello to the Sole Relief Reflexology Massage Mat from My Life My Shop. It’s a floor massage mat that has absolutely amazing health benefits. How does it work, you ask? One word… Reflexology.

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific points of the hands or feet, which in turn has a positive effect on other parts of the body: alleviating back pain, migraines, blood circulation issues, and stress.

That’s where this incredible massage mat comes in. And you can even use it while you’re working…

Sole Relief Reflexology Massage Mat
My Life My Shop

If you have a job where you’re on your feet all day, this thing will work wonders. You can use it while you’re snapping photos, applying makeup, or shooting a vlog. If you have a desk job, you can even use it while you’re sitting down.

Come to think of it, this massage mat is incredibly lightweight, so you can actually lug it anywhere you want. You can even get a bunch of them and link them together, creating a massive massage mat.

The Sole Relief Reflexology Massage Mat hits on your feet’s pressure points. Just by standing on this thing for a couple minutes per day, you’ll have tremendous health benefits before you know it. It can alleviate bad headaches, back pain, and circulation issues. It can even give you increased energy, better sleep, and needless to say, a great foot massage.

My Life My Shop

All you have to do is set in on the ground, stand on top of it, and gently move your feet around, shifting your weight from foot to foot. It has 3,000 small bumps (of various sizes) that react to different parts of your feet, utilizing the power of reflexology.

Bottom line: If you use it for three to five minutes per day, you’ll start seeing effects almost immediately.

Here’s what verified customers who own the Sole Relief Reflexology Massage Mat have to say:

“I use the mat while I do my morning routine like brushing my teeth and applying make up. I just love how it feels.”

-Priscilla M.

“This is an amazing product for circulation.”

-Louis F.

“Definitely helps my feet feel less fatigued within minutes of use.”

-Raquel C.

“Has helped my circulation and so many other triggers in my body. It definitely takes practice getting use to, but worth the effort and money!”

-Lynsey C.

“In just one use my feet and leg circulation felt better and continue to feel better every day.”

-Alice B.