17 Newborn Photographers In NYC

17 Newborn Photographers In NYC

Newborn photography is on the rise. It makes sense, as social media grows in popularity, parents want to ‘gram their newborns or send out chic birth announcements. Previously, newborn photography was primarily taken by a parent and featured a yellowish, cone-headed baby, swaddled in their hospital bed. There was nothing artful about these photos, per se.

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Then came Anne Geddes, who rose to fame in the early 90’s by capturing beautiful images of newborns…in flowerpots? To be fair, the babies in her photos are not just in flowerpots; they are also dressed as snails and butterflies, bears, and cabbage. Trust us, the pictures are mesmerizing which is why Geddes “has sold more than 18 million books and 13 million calendars” in 83 countries.

In 2018, newborn photography in NYC (and beyond) is rather commonplace. Babies are tiny for such a short period of time and having newborn photos is a way of preserving this sweet time.

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Most newborn photography happens just 4 to 10 days after birth, when the babies are sleepy and bendy. Expecting parents are encouraged to book their sessions at least 4 months in advance of the due date. Many newborn photographers will book a small number of newborn shoots each month so they are able to be flexible depending on when the baby arrives. Some shoots happen in-home, some on location, and some in studio. Photographers will bring all the props and blankets you’ll need for a dreamy shoot.

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As with all things in New York, there are countless photographers to choose from. If you’re looking for newborn photography in New York, we have you covered with a list of top newborn photographers.

17 Newborn Photographers In NYC

Emily Burke

Emily Burke is a New York and Denver based photographer specializing in newborns, family, and maternity. She says used to take pictures in an attempt to stop time, but her focus has shifted, and now she sees photography as a way to feel love and gratitude for life as it is today.

Her newborn photography is gorgeous, authentic, and unique. You can see examples of her stunning work here. In 2012, Burke was voted Portrait Photographer by the A-List. Burke offers several pricing tiers, and you can read more about her offerings here.

Rivka Singer

Rivka Singer prides herself on having repeat clients due to the strong personal relationships with each person. The New York City newborn photographer is meticulous not only during the photography shoot, but also in post-production. She understands that working with children and newborns requires patience and creativity.

Her website is filled with glowing testimonials and one client said:

“We were so happy with the quality of Rivka’s photos, and with the photo shoot itself. Rivka’s warm and calm demeanor helped all of us to feel at ease right away. She instantly earned our daughter’s trust, and captured her at play in various spots in Central Park. The photos of our baby were also spectacular — natural and carefree. They really showed off his personality. Rivka’s love for her work shows through in every shot. We enjoyed the entire experience, and we would recommend Rivka without hesitation!”

Singer’s typical newborn package is $1100. She welcomes you in her studio or will travel to be on the location of your choosing. She also offers a great opportunity to save $330 when you buy a packaged maternity and newborn deal. You can check out her newborn portfolio.

Raquel Frechette

Raquel Frechette is Brooklyn-based family photographer. She was featured on Expertise.com list of Best Newborn Photographers in New York. Frechette has two children of her own, so she understands that chaos that is wrangling children. She says on a shoot she will never “Ask your kids to smile. Expect them to cooperate or be on their best behavior. Think your apartment is messy, cluttered, or too small. Expect you to do anything but put some clothes on and show up.”

She is lauded for her easygoing, personal, and professional approach during shoots. Her newborn photography sessions are $850 and include 2-3 hours of photography (she loves to include family members and pets) plus 50 “fully-edited digital prints” for you to keep. Take a look at her gorgeous, happy images here.

Clare Fisher

Clare Fisher is an NYC maternity and newborn photographer. Her photos have a light, airy quality to them, and she says she is passionate about “creating portraits filled with light and love.”

She shoots newborn photos in her light-filled clean studio in midtown Manhattan. She has props and backdrops and works with her clients to get the exact vibe they are hoping to create. Her photos can be whimsy or classic, and she works to make sure her clients feel at ease. Her newborn sessions range from $1000 to $1500. You can learn more about her newborn and photography sessions here or on Instagram @clarefisherphoto.

Gotham Family Photos

Gotham Family Photos is a leading family and newborn photography studio serving New York and the tri-state area. They offer newborn sessions that can be taken as early as in the hospital. The popular First Year service is a “multi-portrait series that follows your baby’s transformation during the first year, plus christenings, baby-naming ceremonies, brises and baptisms.”

They work in a relaxed, fun environment in an effort to highlight the authenticity and silliness of their clients. Gotham Family Photos has perfect 5-star ratings on both Google and Yelp and one client wrote “Brett was amazing dealing with the chaos of my family. He also resent me the files almost a year later after my computer died. No extra costs! Great service!”

Gotham Family Photo is an excellent option for families on a budget with a basic studio package starting at $150.

Glyph NY

The Glyph Creative Studio is light-filled and bright with gorgeous soft textures and hardwood floors. It is staged to look like a bedroom and a small living room. Shooting in a studio means you don’t have to do the work of getting your home photoready which can be a hassle. Mariana, the creator at Glyph, captures newborn photography in a fun and spontaneous way.

Glyph offers several photography packages, and her clients are consistently happy saying “I’m a mother of two children, my 4-year old son Lucas and my 4-month daughter Sofia. Mariana has been capturing the most memorable and important milestones of my kids. Mariana has been wonderful, really going above and beyond our expectations. Her professionalism, charisma and creativeness are what makes every photo shoot an amazing experience for my entire family.” For more information, you are welcome to reach out directly at info@glyphny.com

Lauren Colchamiro

Lauren Colchamiro specializes in all styles of photography, and her newborn photos truly shine. She typically shoots inside her clients’ home, and you can tell how at ease her families feel.

Colchamiro says “I’ve been making art all my life — my world is a beautiful place and I want to share it with you! ‘I’m not photogenic’ or ‘I never look good in photos’ are concepts I squarely refuse to believe in. I will fight you, and I’ll win! You look amazing! Above all, it’s most important to me to capture honest images — and have fun doing it! I have an unobtrusive, documentary approach. When I’m not climbing all over the world trying to get that perfect angle, I’m a fly on the wall capturing you at your very best.” To get a feel for her work, check out here Instagram @laurencolchamiro or her portfolio.

Jennifer Loomis

Jennifer Loomis is a talented photographer specializing in maternity and newborn photography. She has studios in Seattle, New York, and San Francisco and a Master’s degree in Photojournalism. She has worked as a photographer for 25 years. She says, “Photography is a deeply personal for me; it is my life’s work, and because of that, I want to get to know you so I can create the images that you are looking for as well as images that will push me as an artist.”

Loomis works in a 5-step process, this first of which is a sit down in her studio where you will talk about your vision and discuss props and the fabrics you want to incorporate into your shoot. You will then schedule and do your photo shoot, then have another meeting with Loomis to talk about your favorite photos and the editing process. Finally, your items will be delivered! To learn more about her process and her packages, check out her website.

Lolo Melani

Lolo Melani is an acclaimed photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, beauty, and boudoir. In addition to photography, she leads “masterclass seminars, mentoring fellow photographers on how to find their own style and take their art form and businesses to the next level.” Melani also founded the Lolo Melani fund in 2017 which empowers mothers to know their strength and advocate for themselves, their family, and their communities.

Her dreamy photos look crisp and celestial and her work has been featured in Forbes, US Weekly, People, The Huffington Post, and more. She captures the perfect moments (think baby mid-yawn). Take a look at her stunning newborn portfolio.

Deer Baby Photo

Deer Baby Photo is a newborn photography studio serving New York City, Westchester,  New Jersey, Philadelphia, Hamburg and Long Island. Franzi and Cari serve the New York area, and they are both self-described people persons with a passion for family photography. Their sessions take place in your home so you and your little one will be at ease. Their goal as photographers is to capture “honest, chaotic, and beautiful moments of your family.” They are not interested in portraying perfection, rather they strive to capture authenticity.

Deer Baby has several packages to choose from including maternity, baby, family, and “watch me grow” which includes 3 sessions documenting your baby through its first year. You can read more about their rates and packages here. You also may want to note that Deer Baby asks that you tell them before a shoot if the natural light in your home is not ideal. If it is not, they will bring lights to the shoot.

Natural Kids Photography

Sarah Noda is the photographer behind Natural Kids Photography. With 3 boys of her own, Sarah has a special talent for capturing the energy, chaos, and spirit of young boys. Sarah says some of her clients refer to her as “the boy photographer.”

Her newborn photography is sweet and whimsical with a quiet softness to it. She says of her passion for newborn photography, “There is truly nothing else like beginning this new journey with your child. It is within these first couple weeks of life that I photograph newborns, typically in the comfort of your own home where mommy, bottles and nappies are at your convenience and baby can take all the feeding breaks he needs. With newborns, I work quietly, catching both the spontaneous and the guided moments. During a session my clients are simply who they are, sometimes tearing up with joy, feeling real emotion, laughing, daydreaming of the future. It’s these moments that produce the most personal images, and it’s these moments that I think my clients treasure the most.”

Noda offers various photography packages including a holiday photo shoot in Central Park, birthday party photography and more. You can learn more about each package investment here.

Michael Kormos

Michael and Sophie Kormos are a husband and wife photography duo. They describe themselves as opposites; Sophie is a detailed-oriented perfectionist, and Michael focuses on the big picture. These opposing styles make them a great team. Their team is rounded out with two additional talented photographers, Becca and Anabella.

Their midtown NYC studio feels cozy and home-like with soft textures and timeless furniture. They do not use flash when photographing babies or newborns. Their studio is well taken care of and immaculate, they say, “Blankets and wraps are washed after each use. With complimentary refreshments, baby changing station, and an iPod docking station for your child’s favorite tunes, we’ve thought of everything to make your experience truly enjoyable.”

You are also always welcome to book a session in-home instead. If you choose to be photographed at home, the Kormos’ will provide all lighting and props.

The Kormos’ offer 2 newborn photography packages, and they start at $1500. Newborn photography is best shot within 4-14 days after your baby’s birth.  Michael and Sophie are highly sought after, so it is recommended that you book your session early. The two hour sessions are usually booked in the mornings (when newborns tend to be calm and sleepy.) Michael and Sophie book a limited number of shoots each month to ensure that they are available on and around your due date.

Michael Kormos (and his team) have a perfect 5-star rating on Yelp.

Staci Brennan

Staci Brennan is an NYC-based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, and baby photography. She is happy to work on her own without a corporate team because it means she is able to give in-depth attention to each client. She strives for an “artistic, classic” approach to newborn photography. She suggests the newborn photography be captured 6 to 10 days after your baby’s birth. She will come to your home and bring all props including hats, blankets, baskets, and anything else you may want. She meets with parents before the shoot to discuss their vision and the props they’d like to have on hand.

Brennan prides herself on having many repeat clients. One of her clients said that Staci “is a constant professional, a joy to my children and a pleasure to be around. The poses that she was able to get my newborns in was amazing. She was extremely patient and sensitive to not only our babies needs but to ours as well. She also has photographed my three year old son, and that is not an easy task! She was able to capture such sweet pictures of a very moving and excitable object! I very highly recommend her!”

Little New York Photography

Little New York specializes in maternity, newborn, and family photography. They service the tri-state area and offer custom packages. The Little New York Photography team is comprised of photographer, Marzena Stergiou and studio manager, Julie.

Stergiou has worked as a family photographer for over a decade. Her style is described as “modern and simplistic.” Her website calls her “a baby whisperer,” and she worked with “many members of medical staff, doulas and lactation consultants” to cultivate the best practices for working with infants. She strives to make babies and parents feel safe and well-cared for, and is known for her upbeat, fun, and pragmatic approach.

Located in Long Island City, the 1000 square feet studio is the largest studio for newborn photography in New York. Large windows, 20 foot ceilings, comfy seats, changing tables, and props make the studio feel warm and inviting. There are 4 photography packages to choose from, ranging in price from $700-$2500. The larger packages include the option of choosing a location outside of the studio for those who envision their photos set outside. They recommend that you book early as slots fill up fast! Check out their beautiful images on Instagram @LittleNewYorkPhotography.

Jessica Elbar

Jessica Elbar is a native New Yorker and a portrait photographer specializing in children, newborn, and maternity photography. She takes photos in her clients’ home, and she will bring all the props needed. She only asks that there is a 7×7 uncarpeted space available for newborn photography (14×14 for maternity). She takes newborn photography within 5-14 days after birth. The babies are sleepy and flexible during this time, which allows Elbar to pose the babies in cute positions (including the popular “frog” which is hands on the chin). Newborn sessions last from 3-5 hours and she allows for ample feeding and soothing time. She does not work on the weekends.

It is recommend that you book your newborn photography with Elbar 3-4 months in advance. It is usually best to book the shoot for your due date and it can be changed as needed. Her newborn photography sessions start at $1300. Check out her portfolio here.

Tanya Buran

Tanya Buran is a Jersey City based maternity and newborn photographer. She works with clients in Jersey City, Weehawken, Hoboken, Bayonne, and Manhattan. She is accommodating with location and will go to your home, on location, or shoot in her studio.

Her website says,

“Besides being a professionally trained photographer, she is also a mother of two children, so she has an intimate knowledge of working with infants and toddlers and an infinite amount of patience and grace to make the experience just as relaxed and fun for the children as it is for the parents!

It’s been said that art is the only truth, and photography is the truest form of art, as it captures us as we are. Tanya Buran’s photography is testament to this, as her photographs bring out and showcase the natural beauty of family, and creates a lasting memory of a time in your life that you can hold on to and cherish for years to come.”

Her packages are budget friendly and she consistently produces beautiful images. Her newborn session is $200.

Glow Portraits

201 Broadway, #608 New York City

Glow Portraits specializes in maternity and newborn photography in New York. Their talented photographers are highly-skilled and trained. The experience is consistently stress free and enjoyable for parents, and the safety of the newborns is their number one concern.

All newborn photos happen inside the gorgeous New York City studio. It is furnished with chic, modern touches and a hardwood floor. They provide all props and blankets and will keep the baby cozy and warm. While the baby is sleeping (as they do so much in the first weeks) the photographers will take stills of the newborn, and when they are awake and alert there will be an opportunity for family photography.

All images are carefully curated, edited, and retouched. Within 4 weeks of the shoot, you will receive access to a private online gallery where you can review your photos. The Glow Portraits newborn photography session is $1500.