10 Social Media Agencies In LA That Are Representing Your Favorite Influencers

10 Social Media Agencies In LA That Are Representing Your Favorite Influencers

The rise and growth of the influencer industry has taken the marketing and social media landscape by storm. With an influx of present day campaigns and advertising models being focused around the concept of commerce through influence, we have seen a true boom in what defines our buying and selling behaviors.

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Although not many could have predicted the breadth and intensity that influencers would have on our social and commercial landscape, those who took note early of this trend have now begun to build thriving platforms and businesses.

The sheer concept of social media influence is based on organic and real interactions. Influencers are modern day spokespeople for products and companies they love and trust. With this interest and passion, they then impart this knowledge onto their base of dedicated, loyal followers. In essence, we have created a world where people with clout and personalized recommendations aid in our personal purchasing decisions.

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Influencers have effectively built their fan base through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. In an effort to bring their scope of work before the faces of larger, established brands, the evolution of social media agencies began.

What is a Social Media Agency?

A social media agency’s primary role is to handle all social media responsibilities of a brand or company. This means that their sole focus is to manage and organize all the social accounts of that business.

In addition to running the social accounts, an agency can offer an array of services. These include:

  • Publishing content to social media
  • Auditing the social media strategy
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Creating policies that align with social media privacy
  • Marketing through social media channels
  • Creation of profiles for social channels that may not be in active use
  • Customer support through messaging and emails
  • Production of content and running social media campaigns
  • Assessing ROI, SEO and engagement

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How Social Media Agencies Work With Influencers

Now that we know how social media agencies work, we can determine how influencers are integrated into their specific services. The use of influencers by a social media agency is focused in the content marketing sector and the production of campaigns.

Social media agencies will seek out specific influencers that they feel are a right fit for their clients. By assessing the influencer’s niche, they can then build a campaign based on their follower base. Campaigns may in the form of giveaways, contests and specific, focused content production. This method is often seen on Instagram as a paid advertisement or paid collaboration. If you follower an influencer whose content often features a paid component while promoting a product, service or place, you can most likely assume that this is one piece to a larger social media campaign.

As an example, influencers are matched with social media campaigns that apply to their specific industry. This means that travel influencers could work with destinations or promote gear related to adventure while fashion influencers would focus on specific clothing brands and fashion focused events. It is the job of a social media agency to access the niche and demographics of their clients, to then choose an influencer who would be appropriate for that specific campaign.

Social media agencies are found in the densely populated, creative sectors of the United States as well as international metropolises around the world. One city in which the social media agency thrives is in Los Angeles. A city of art, culture and commercial powers, influencers have begun to infiltrate and dominate the social scene. In this article, we will cover 10 social media agencies in Los Angeles that represent your favorite influencers. Check out our list below:

Mostly Sunny


The first social media agency in Los Angeles on our list is Mostly Sunny. According to their website, “Mostly Sunny is an influencer marketing agency that matches brands with the right influencers to reach millions of consumers everywhere. We do good work with good people through trusting partnerships, building and distributing powerful visual content that educates, engages and inspires.“

As an agency, they believe that the future of advertising isn’t traditional ads, but rather it’s real people telling subtly branded stories. Their services and competencies include:

  • Finding and telling stories through visual storytelling
  • Evolve as brand publishers and grow their audiences
  • Develop successful digital marketing campaigns
  • Create static, interactive and motion based visual content projects
  • Gain exposure through earned, owned and paid distribution

At Mostly Sunny, they have a social influencer network of over 50,000 individuals.  Their team has a four part process of working with influencers:

  • Negotiations: They have a team of negotiators that take care of inquiries and ensure that their influencers get the best deal possible.
  • Strategy: This team builds a sustainable and achievable plan for the next chapter of your career.
  • Promotions: This aspects is in charge of building influencer campaigns and places influencers in the right place at the right time.
  • Community: The agency has spent time developing their network of creators and publishers which helps their influencers grow their professional network.

Brands that Mostly Sunny has worked with include Refinery29, Young and Reckless, Toyota, Opening Ceremony and Kara. You can read more about their influencer platform here.

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The second social media agency in Los Angeles on our list is Rosewood. Rosewood coins their agency as the new generation of social first marketing and as experts in creating and elevating stories in the digital space.

At their agency, their services include:

  • Social Media Management: Where they cultivate and raise the voice of a brand to drive meaningful social engagement with their target consumer.
  • Content Production: Engaging in storytelling with their team of photographers, cinematographers and designers to produce content to shape brand identity.
  • Influencer Marketing: Customization of campaigns by collaborating with social media influencers who personally connect with mass markets every day.

Rosewood is cofounded by photographer Matt Bauer who has worked with and photographed influencers such as Tash Oakley and Christopher Hainey.

The client list at Rosewood is impressive as well as extensive. Clients include Sony Pictures, Nike, Red Bull, J. Crew, Lululemon, GAP, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Toyota, Zedd and The 1975.

You can read more about their agency expertise here.



The third social media agency in Los Angeles on our list is Socialyte. According to their digital portfolio, Socialyte is a creative agency and content production studio. With a team of brand strategists and talent managers, they conceptualize digital campaigns based on a brand’s goals.

They are the premier influencer agency that works with influencers at any and every stage of their marketing plan including guiding strategy, leading ideation, orchestrating talent casting and overusing campaign direction.

At Socialyte they:

  • Help guide creative messaging, through authentic, story-driven content
  • Strategize and produce content to produce maximum visibility
  • Establish distribution platforms including branded microsites, content hubs, social media platforms and live events.
  • Utilize tech to cast talent through analytics and hard data
  • Amplify content to push campaigns forward to hit key KPIs
  • Report on metrics to ensure future success

The talent roster of influencers at Socialyte reaches over 30 million global fans across their social platforms. They currently have 87 influencers on their roster including names such as Maddie Greer, Anna Wood of Her Editorial, Courtney Trop of Always Judging, Emily Luciano and TY French.

Campaigns that the influencers of Socialyte have worked on include collaborations with brands such as Marc Fisher, APM, Biossance, Saks Fifth Avenue, Aldo, H&M, Hanes, Timex, Dior, Perrier, LiveStrong, Coach, La Mer, Away and many more.

You can read more about the agency’s influencers here.

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The fourth social media agency in Los Angeles on our list is Cashmere.  Cashmere Agency is a lifestyle marketing collective comprise of creative minds from the worlds of entertainment, advertising and new media. Their agency is connected with influential multicultural millennials by delivering authentic campaign messaging, cultural value and compelling content.

The services at Cashmere include:

  • Social
  • Publicity
  • Influencers
  • Creative Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Experiential
  • Media Buying

The influencers at Cashmere have worked on projects across the media, commercial and film industries. Examples of case studies include work on the film Get Out, Uber Eats, I Heart Radio, Overstock, General Electric, Paypal and Airbnb.

For example, the work they did for Airbnb was rooted in the vast music industry connections and live event experience of Cashmere. They held a party at South by South West, the musical festival in Austin, Texas. Building a music inspired house complex, throughout the entire week artists such as Snoop Dog, Capital Cities and Allen Stone hosted tours of the home and participated in theme nights.

You can read more about Cashmere’s influencer case studies here.



The fifth social media agency in Los Angeles on our list is Vampped. Vampped is the leading Los Angeles based creative and talent management agency. They are a team of professional producers who specialize in repositioning brands, creating world class content and representing top digital talent with massive online audiences.

The expertise of Vampped include:

  • Influencer Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Digital
  • Creative
  • Data and Analytics
  • Experiential
  • Talent Management
  • Campaigns
  • Tours
  • Events

As a focus on their influencer relations, Vampped has powerful relationships with a wide network of leading digital influencers. They focus on driving results and impactful campaigns which include:

  • Instagram and YouTube
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Influencer placement
  • Influencer strategy
  • Influencer and paid social
  • VIP Relations and seeding

Campaigns that Vampped has created and executed with influencers include brands such as MVMT, Boohoo, Fifteen Twenty, Cupshe, Dirty Lemon, Birksun, Casamigos Tequila, CocoFloss, Reef and Lyf.

A list of influencers that work with Vampped include names such as Evelina, Ayla Woodruff, Gabby Epstein and Caroline Einhoff.

You can check out some of their latest influencer campaigns and VIP events here.

Open Influence

The sixth social media agency in Los Angeles on our list is Open Influence. Open Influence is a full service influencer solution that combines technology, industry insights and prices to deliver consistent quality content and return on investment. They have a deep understanding of the influencer landscape and have worked with clients in the fashion, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, and technology industries.

Some of their clients include Nespresso, Etsy, Tinder, UFC, Warner Brothers, Bose, Puma and many more.

The influencer network at Open Influence can be joined by filling out an application on their website. Some of the influencers they have worked with include names such as Kitchen Trouble, Danielle Carolan,  Noelle Downing and Spread Fashion. Influencers at Open Influence have been featured in campaigns for Tic Tacs, Crocs, Nutella, Blue Bunny and Almond Breeze.

To learn more about their influencer network you can visit their site here.

Social Intelligence Agency


The seventh social media agency in Los Angeles on our list is Social Intelligence Agency. Social Intelligence Agency is a social media headquarters of influence made up of digital experts that create and strategize across online platforms. They have over a decade of experience working with top brands and influencers in the entertainment, music, fashion, lifestyle, tech and hospitality industries.

At the Social Intelligence Agency they engage in both talent, influencer management and marketing. For influencer management, SIA helps their influences build their career through strategy, consulting, content production, photoshops, monetization and campaign development.

For their influencer marketing sector, SIA has a roster of influencer in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas, Colorado, New York and Chicago. They grow their client’s reach through campaigns that cultivate online engagement, drive cross channel results and increase social performance.

The team at Social Intelligence has a large set of celebrity influencers that have been featured in selected campaigns and projects with brands such as Mama Shelter, Kiehls, Nokia, WGN America, Myspace, Los Angeles Times and more.

To check out more of SIA’s work you can view their portfolio here.


The eighth social media agency in Los Angeles on our list is Attention. Attention was one of the first social media agencies. The agency is focused on providing services in strategy, analytics, content, creative, distribution and amplification. It is a global agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, London and Shanghai.

At Attention, their recent work features projects with brands such as American Express, BMW, Kayak, Nickelodeon, Spotify and many more.

One of their latest campaigns was produced for Moet, the champagne brand. The aim was to produce content in order to connect a historic brand with young, social first consumers. In this campaign, Attention used influencer Zanita Whittington (@zanitazanita) to showcase the brand’s 2d Moet Ice Imperial Brunch while celebrating the 10th year of her blog.

To learn more about Attention and their global influencing work you can visit their website here.

Bold LA

The ninth social media agency in Los Angeles on our list is Bold LA. Bold is a full service public relations, social and marketing agency based in Berlin and Los Angeles. The agency is focused on connecting brands, consumers, influencers and culture.

At Bold LA, their influencer marketing platform consists of:

  • Strategy
  • Community Building
  • Cooperations
  • Seeding

Their client list is reaches both domestic and international markets including brands such as Marshall Headphones, Asics, Verbreuil, River Island and Superdry.

Thee most recent client for the Los Angeles Bold team is Marshall Headphones. With this, they teamed up with influencers to create fresh new content such as Lainy Hedaya (@lainyhedaya), Jeanne Grey (@thegreyleyers) and Sophia Change (@sophiechang).

You can view more of Bold’s work in both Los Angeles and Berlin here.


The final and tenth social media agency in Los Angeles on our list is XOMAD. Branding itself as “Not Your Typical Influencer Agency,” XOMAD believes that the essence of influencer marketing relies on true trendsetters who have close personal relationship within audience and real engagement.

According to their platform, XOMAD has ran influencer led marketing campaigns and insight programs to produce high quality content. Their influencer marketing is drive by:

  • Scale: Large groups of micro influencers with high engagement
  • Authenticity: Experiential activations and events
  • Integration: Influencer integration and influencer led campaigns

XOMAD is also pioneering influencer technology with their tech team. They are using their previous influencer scores and rankings found within the financial services sector to grow XOMAD’s proprietary influencer technology.

XOMAD offers services of social influencer marketing and influencer marketing strategy. The agency engages in a four step process of:

  • Influencer research and insights
  • Reach and expand of audience
  • Experiential activations and events
  • Measurement and Analytics

Specifically within their influencer database, XOMAD vets tens of thousands of influencers. They use a network structure based on their phrase, “Digital Influencer Managers,” which are considered the influencers of influencers. They act as event organizers, local publicists, trendsetters and leaders. These DI managers has access to influencers through personal and professional relationships. XOMAD uses this platform of DI managers to target specific demographics for their clients.

From this, XOMAD has influencers in the various areas including:

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Tech
  • Lifestyle
  • Design
  • Food
  • Travel

Some of their largest client projects have been executed for Dove, Showtime, Nivea, Ocean Spray, Axe and L’Oreal.

To view more of XOMAD’s social media influencer work, you can visit their portfolio here.

The Future of Social Media Agencies and Influencers

As the rise of social media agencies and influencer marketing took the world by storm, the hopes for the future of this industry appear to be bright. Although many of us could have never anticipated that social media would make such a long-lasting impact on our social, communicative and interpersonal relationships, it has now become a dominant force in all aspects of our lives. With this type of reach, it is safe to say that the network of influencers will only continue to build and develop as time goes on.

Social media has become one of the sole ways that individuals, brands and companies approach effective and fresh marketing initiatives. The social media agencies main goal is to help their select group of clients maintain organic engagement and reach through specifically utilizing various social media channels. In order to do this, influencer marketing has been designed to create authentic, real life content that appeals to a wider, engaged audience.

So, what can be said for the next decade of social media agencies and the influencers they represent? It seems as if there are no signs of slowing down. Every day new influencers appear on the social scene, sharing with us their personal recommendations and preferences on products, services and places. To say that our inclination toward consumerism has been altered, would be an understatement. In fact, the social media and influencer marketplace has truly disrupted commerce as we know it.

The only hope we have for the future of social media influence is for it to remain an industry built on real interactions with real people. With this in mind, this industry will undoubtedly thrive if only we continue to focus on what it means to create, develop and act with true unbridled authenticity.