These Are The Best Affordable Tripods For 2019

Most photographers and videographers will tell you that a good tripod goes a long way. We’ve all had the unfortunate experience of working with a lackluster set of sticks, and needless to say, it can be very, very frustrating. So if you’re in need of a new tripod heading into 2019, look no further than the following list, which features some of the best and most affordable options currently on the market.

Pakpod Adventure Tripod

If you’re a travel photographer, or you just like shooting photos in the great outdoors, look no further than the Pakpod Adventure Tripod for all of your tripod needs. This thing is extremely light, easy to carry, and very useful in a variety of situations.

First of all, it weighs less than a pound, which is pretty amazing, considering that most well-made tripods are rather heavy. Also, this thing can attach to a variety of surfaces (it has 36 rigging points) and can even work under water. It also has patented stabilizing stakes to plant itself into the ground (or any surface for that matter).

So whether you need an adventurous tripod to tag along on your outdoor excursions, or you just need a regular tripod for a traditional shot, the Pakpod Adventure Tripod will work for you.

Manfrotto 190XPRO 4-Section Aluminum Tripod

This affordable 4-section aluminum tripod is a solid choice for photographers of all kinds. It has a built in bubble level, a Q90 column, and a very sturdy frame. Manfrotto isn’t messing around with this thing.

It can be easily collapsed (it has an innovative four-way leg lock system) and transported to wherever you’re shooting without much hassle at all. Also, it’s only 5 and a half pounds, so you won’t be lugging around a monstrously huge set of sticks all day long.

And did we mention that this thing is sturdy? Because it is, even when supporting the maximum weight (15.4 pounds). It works for videographers as well, but a video tripod head must be purchased separately.

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod

Heads up, photographers. This tripod is one of the best deals out there. The Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB has it all: incredible load capacity, rubber feet with retractable spikes, a bubble level, a fluid ball head that rotates 360 degrees, and a very stable frame.

It weighs about 5 pounds and can reach up to around 70 inches in height. It’s also got an “instant swivel stop-n-lock,” which repositions the middle column in an “instant.” And the Vanguard’s alloy legs enable the tripod to get very low to the ground for extreme angles (the legs adjust to 25, 50, and 80 degree angles).

If you’re on the hunt for something stable and versatile, look no further.

MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Globetrotter Travel Tripod

The MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Globetrotter Travel Tripod is a trusty sidekick to photographers everywhere. It has a graduated panning scale that enables 360 degree panning, a recessed hook attached to the bottom of the center column (on which to hang additional weight for extra stability), and an incredible dual-action heavy-duty ballhead.

It has a high maximum capacity of 26 pounds and can reach up to 5.4 feet in height. Be sure to make use of the bubble level, the detachable monopod, and the easily folded up legs (which make this thing incredibly transportable).

The MeFOTO Globetrotter also has an amazing foam grip on the monopod leg, which adds an awesome amount of comfort on a long day of shooting.

So there you have it. Wether you’re shooting on the side of a mountain, or inside of a living room, one of these tripods is likely to step up your game in 2019.

Grab your camera (and tripod) and start shooting (or filming)!