These Camera Straps Will Help You Create Better Images

If you’re a photographer in need of a new camera strap, then look no further than the incredible ones on the following list. These straps are not only stylish, but they are extremely useful as well. Let’s face it. A cool looking strap is awesome, but what you really need is a strap that helps you on your quest to create great images. The following straps cover both bases.

Actually, they cover all bases. Whether you’re traveling, on the job, or you’re just snapping photos for fun, these straps will free up your mind so that you can do what you do best: take pictures.  

BOOMR Bungee Camera Strap

There’s nothing worse than a camera strap that hurts your neck or shoulders. The BOOMR Bungee Camera Strap just might be the remedy for that problem. It was specifically designed to be extremely comfortable. In fact, it might be the most comfortable strap you’ll ever use.

First off, the shoulder pad is made with memory foam. And the camera strap itself is made with military bungee technology, which reduces the wear and tear that your body would usually take from an average strap. This special tech dramatically improves the way in which your body holds the weight of a camera, leaving you with only one thing to worry about: taking great photos.

Also, it’s perfect for travel, when your camera is around your neck for longer periods of time. But really, it’s perfect for everyday use as well. And did we mention this thing is super comfortable? Because it is.

Monarch Straps Crimson Braided Strap

Say hello to the Monarch Straps BOA 40″ Crimson Braided Camera Strap. Simply put, this thing is one of the coolest camera straps on the market. It’s made with Type III paracord, finished with top grain leather, includes split ring connectors, and to top it all off… it’s made in the United States.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this strap is its durability. The Crimson Braided Camera Strap is built to last a long, long time. All Monarch straps are made with the adventurer in mind and are made to withstand lots of use. In fact, Monarch’s tagline is “Beyond Any Ordinary Adventure.” So if you’re an adventurer at heart, or you just like the beautiful design, this might be perfect camera strap for you.

In addition to its usefulness, this thing just looks flat out cool. In fact, it doesn’t really look like any other camera strap on the market. The red braided rope style is unique and eye-grabbing, yet simple and no nonsense at the same time.

Altura Photo Rapid Fire with Quick Release
Rapid Fire

The Altura Photo Rapid Fire has comfort, design, and usefulness all wrapped in a sleek little package. It’s perfect for photographers of all kinds, from novices all the way up to professionals. And it even has an extremely helpful surprise feature located in the shoulder pad.

Let’s start with usefulness. This thing is flat out comfortable, and it also distributes the weight of the camera beautifully. In fact, it is specifically designed for constant use. But perhaps the most useful feature of this product? A super handy zipper pocket located in the shoulder pad. It’s ideal for storing memory cards or any small items you need to carry with you and have at the ready. Also, there’s a solid metal plate that fastens the camera onto the strap, along with a rubber protection layer. And the plate doesn’t have to be removed before attaching the camera to a tripod, either, which is super convenient.

To top it all off, the strap and and the shoulder pad have a simple, sleek look. Needless to say, this thing just might become your favorite new strap.

Whether it’s the BOOMR Bungee Camera Strap, the Monarch Straps Crimson Braided Strap, or the Altura Photo Rapid Fire, one of these bad boys is likely to become a key element in your camera gear collection. And hopefully, it will also free up your mind so that you can focus on your craft, and not your camera strap.