DSLR Your Smartphone With This Nifty Device

The cameras on our cell phones have improved dramatically over the last few years. In fact, camera quality has become a major selling point, with some new models boasting up to 5 built-in cameras for varying modes. However, all of these cameras lack the nuance and finesse that DSLR cameras have… until now.

Thanks to the new Pictar Pro – now on Kickstarter – you can finally have all of the control of a DSLR with your existing smartphone. Simply download the app, slide your iPhone, Android, or virtually any other smartphone device into the Pictar Pro, and you’ll have all the control of a professional photographer. Between the Pictar Pro’s brass body construction, wheels for focus and exposure, and unparalleled control, you’ll feel like you’re using a full DSLR camera for a fraction of the price. It also has a snap-on viewfinder to cut down on glare, can be mounted on a tripod for even more stability and professional quality, as well as a non-slip grip.


Pictar Pro has the ability to read your phone’s camera ability and determine exactly what it can do. With that, you can then use the app to assist in getting macro shots, rack focus and more. Pictar Pro gives you all of the control, from shutter exposure to focus, and enables advanced features such as white balancing and histograms that normally aren’t available in regular cell phones. Professionals know that using manual focus and manual ISO (also enabled with the device) enables the photographer to get one of a kind shots by creating specific points of interest otherwise virtually unobtainable by automatic means – such as a regular smartphone camera.

Whether you’re an amateur hobbyist, Instagram influencer, or professional photographer, if you want one of a kind, impressive, professional looking shots, you need a device like the Pictar Pro. Put that already great smartphone camera to even better use and live up to your photography potential.