Here Are A Few Of The Coolest Gift Ideas For Photographers

Whether you’re searching for gift ideas for a photographer in your life, or you are a photographer yourself in need of some new toys, look no further than the items on this list.

This incredible batch of products offers a great mix of fun, useful, and inspirational items that are likely to put a smile on the face of any photography nerd. So, without further ado, here are a few of the coolest gift ideas for photographers of all kinds, whether they’re a beginner or a seasoned professional.

1. Decorative Lens Caps

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Decorative Lens Caps

Do you know someone whose camera needs a little more personality? Then these decorative lens caps from Lens Captions just might do the trick. They have loads of incredible designs, ranging from a beautiful sketch of a tree, all the way to a poop emoji. Yep, you heard that right.

There aren’t many ways to personalize the body of your camera, so these lens caps are a breath of fresh air.

Self-Stirring Camera Lens Mug

This mug looks EXACTLY like a camera lens. How cool is that? Oh, and did we mention that it stirs whatever liquid you pour into it by itself? It even has an insulated stainless steel interior and it’s perfect for traveling. Needless to say, any photographer will absolutely love it. Just be sure not to accidentally try to use this thing as an actual lens. That would be bad.

3. Birth of the Cool: 1957-1969

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Birth of the Cool: 1957-1969

If you know a photographer in need of some inspiration, look no further than David Bailey’s book Birth of the Cool: 1957-1969, a fantastic compilation of some of the celebrated English photographer’s best work from 1957 to 1969. I mean, this guy used to hang out with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, so Birth of the Cool is a pretty accurate name for his book.

Every artist needs a little inspiration once and awhile, and Bailey’s photos are likely to provide it.

4. A Color Story (Desktop)

Price: $49.00 Buy Now
A Color Story (Desktop)

This app allows you to quickly and easily apply different color tools and filters to your images via PhotoShop or Lightroom. A Color Story has several packages to choose from, each with their own beautiful variety of color schemes and styles. Once you download A Color Story’s tools as PhotoShop Actions and Lightroom Presets, you’ll be upgrading your editing skills immediately.

If you know a photographer who isn’t using this thing already, it’s safe to say that they might like it. One or all of these items are likely to give any photographer a little creative boost. So, grab a camera, get inspired, and go out and grab some awesome images!


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