How To Create An Editorial Halloween Shoot

It’s October, aka Halloween season, which means it’s time to break out the monster movie makeup and style up some spooky looks. For creatives, this season means you get to showcase your skill sets through a Halloween themed shoot. This year, we have seen an influx of MUAs and photographers going above and beyond to shoot the perfect Halloween themed shoot — myself included.

My vision led me to recreate the infamous Mystery Inc characters in an editorial styled shoot. While it is still Halloween season, I will lend my hand at a step by step tutorial on how to curate a successful Halloween shoot.

1. Concept

Photo by Jarrad Raju
If you wish to set up a dashing Halloween themed shoot, start with the idea of the shoot. For example, my concept was an editorial take on the Mystery Inc. characters. Every creative shoot begins with a thought which then leads to planning.

2. Location

Once the idea has sparked enough to come alive, the next step recommended would be the location of your shoot. This all varies on the theme of your shoot. Do you want somewhere abandoned, a cider mill or pumpkin patch, a cemetery, a carnival, or onsite at a studio, or anywhere else in mind? The location will help set the backdrop tone of your shoot, so the fogginess or campy vibes hit close to whatever the shoot’s plot is.

3. Choosing Your Models

Photo by Jarrad Raju
So this step for some may be evident, however for others picking the right person in front of your lens may prove difficult. My advice would be to either dig around in your area on IG or right here on the Hub. Scooping out the right model for a shoot can be hard, and even harder for a shoot like this because some people don’t want to see fake blood or want milk poured on them, or any other reason some may not per take in a Halloween shoot — and any reason is fully valid. So be sure to scout the right models who would properly bring your story to life.

4. Date & Time

This is the step where you’d annoyed because this is one of the most crucial parts to booking any shoot. Of course, it is advisable to check the weather constantly leading up to the day of the shoot. During this time of the year, the weather is bound to be as predictable as traffic on a freeway around 8 pm. Depending on how you want the mood to be for the shoot, time is crucial. For example, it was grey and foggy all day on the day of my shoot, and I was beyond ecstatic about that because nothing says Scooby Doo-like grey skies over a cemetery.

5. Styling

Photo by Jarrad Raju
The final step should take place before and during the shoot. Be sure to have the looks down and props ready, but do keep in mind that things can go awry and that planning for changes and loss of props is advised. Once everything is set, and your models are ready to be photographed, you are prepared to make some Halloween magic that I’m sure you’ll be buzzing about until next October.