10 Ways A Mentor Will Enrich Your Creative Life

A mentor will help you understand what creativity means for YOU.

We come out of the womb small and helpless. We go to class on our first day of school and we are still small and helpless. We venture out into the world and once again we are small and helpless.


Perhaps we will always be small and helpless. This universe is too vast for any one person to rise above it. Yet, throughout our lives we grow and mature and start to forget that we were once so incredibly vulnerable. How do we do it? How does this happen?

Maybe it’s the lessons the world teaches us or the mistakes we live through. Above all, though, I have found that mentors help broaden our horizons and enrich our creative lives. We are chosen as the apprentices today, knowing we are part of a larger history of mentors and mentees throughout time.

Having a mentor will change your existence. Read on to find out the ways a mentor will enrich your creative life.

1. A mentor will help you understand what creativity means for YOU. Creativity means something completely different to you than it does to the person sitting next to you. We all speak in different languages when it comes to creativity and we all express it in a different manner. Your mentor can help you understand the way you process and portray your own creativity. While your specific creative vision can only be led by you, your mentor can help you arrive at these realizations.

2. A mentor will teach you not to be creative for the sake of being creative. Your creative life should be led with integrity and authenticity. Never force your creativity. Your mentor will help show you how to organically think and act in ways that are naturally innovative and creative.

3. A mentor will believe in you and your creative process. Your creative life will be enriched by a mentor who shows their support and respect for your ideas, thereby instilling confidence within you. It is essential to have a mentor who believes in you and your creative process.

4. A mentor will provide you with the right tools. Throughout the start of the creative process it can be a bit tricky to get your feet off the ground. A mentor can help steer you in the right direction and provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Your creative life will be enriched by a guide who can help show you the way.

5. A mentor will be brutally honest with you. One of the best things about a mentor is that they will be completely realistic and straightforward with you. There is very little sugar coating in these relationships so you know that their praise is well-earned and their criticism is direct and honest.

6. A mentor will relate to your experiences. In this world, it is hard to find someone who just gets you and the struggles you are facing. Most times, your mentor has also faced similar adversities. With this shared bond, your mentor can tell you of their mistakes and hopefully guide you in avoiding the same mistakes.

7. A mentor will expand your creative knowledge. Your mentor can help introduce you to ideas that you may have previously overlooked. Everyone has a unique point of view, thus your mentor will be able to show you innovative ways to express yourself creatively. Perhaps this means addressing a problem in a new way or examining a field of study that you don’t entirely understand. Whatever it may be, your mentor can help broaden your horizon.

8. A mentor can be used as a sounding board for ideas. Sometimes it is better to allow your stream of consciousness to take over. Bouncing ideas off of your mentor can help you verbally process and understand the ideas fluttering around in your head. With the aid of your mentor, your creative vision can come to life more clearly and efficiently.

9. A mentor can fine-tune your creative vision. While you may have many amazing creative ideas, your mentor can help touch them up and refine them. Ideas usually start out a bit rough, and are then edited over time. Your mentor can be monumental in this process as they can help you hone in on your creative endeavors.

10. A mentor will care about your success and happiness. Having the support and care of a mentor is a completely invaluable commodity in your creative life. When you are starting out, this kind of support can truly make or break your life’s pursuits. Allow yourself to open up and embrace the wisdom of a mentor and in return they will nurture and support your growth along the way.