Date A Creative Girl

Date a creative girl because she follows her heart.

Date A Creative Girl
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Date a creative girl because she will present you with the most thoughtful gifts you have ever been given. She will not wait until the last moment to buy you a pair of socks and a generic card scribbled with someone else’s words. She will create handcrafted presents that speak to your soul and she will match them with handwritten letters revealing her love. On every holiday and every birthday, you can count on her making you feel special.

Date a creative girl because she is comfortable on her own. She is not going to smother you with attention, because she can only socialize in bursts. Even if you are her favorite person, she will still need time to herself, time to reflect, time to work on her projects. She does not want to feel crowded and suffocated in a relationship. She wants to embrace her independence, which means you are going to have plenty of spare time to visit your friends, to pursue your career, to cater to your own needs.

Date a creative girl because she follows her heart. She chooses to do what she is passionate about instead of what everyone else instructs her to do. She believes it is better to chase after her dreams than to fall asleep in her comfort zone. She is the same way when it comes to her relationships. She is never going to settle for someone she feels ehh about. She is going to hold out for the love of her life, so if she is with you, you can rest assured that she is absolutely crazy about you.

Date a creative girl because she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is a believer in self-discovery and knows the way her own heart beats. She does not bottle her emotions inside, because she understands the healthiest option is to remain open. You will never have to wonder where you stand with her because she will speak from her soul. She will explain exactly how she feels. She will never hold secrets from you. Her thoughts will spill from her heart to her tongue.

Date a creative girl because you will lose track of time when you are around her. Her personality is playful. Even though she has a serious side where she gets into the zone and nothing can zap her concentration, the rest of the time she is lighthearted and fun. She is a child at heart. She will make you laugh aloud. She will make you think in silly hypotheticals. She can turn an uneventful evening at the grocery store into an adventure. She has a contagious energy that brings smiles to everyone surrounding her.

Date a creative girl because she pays close attention to detail. She notices the little things, which means she will know when something is bothering you. You will not be able to slip anything passed her. She will see what you are trying to hide behind your smiles and she will encourage you to express your vulnerability. She will remind you it is okay to have a complicated set of emotions. She will help you embrace your softer side.

Date a creative girl because she is a daydreamer. She will change the way your mind runs. She will introduce you to new ideas. She will broaden your horizons. When you are around her, the impossible becomes possible. She always keeps an open-mind. She is nonjudgemental. She thinks outside of the box. You will be refreshed by the words she speaks because you haven’t met anyone quite like her before.

Date a creative girl because she does not give up easily. If something goes wrong in your relationship, she will search for a creative solution. She will not throw up her hands and call it quits after your first fight. She is going to work through your collective baggage. She is going to find a way to set things right because she does not walk away from the things (or the people) she cares the most about. She is dedicated. She is committed.

Date a creative girl because she will love you the way nobody else could. She will make you see yourself, and the world, in an entirely new light.