Best Sunflower Fields for Shooting

Need a new location for your images? Here are the best sunflower fields for shooting.

Best Sunflower Fields for Shooting
Best Sunflower Fields for Shooting

You’ve most likely seen these gorgeous yellow flowers filling your feeds lately as summer has begun. With rows of beautiful flowers as the sun sets below, sunflower fields are one of our favorite spots to get some eye-catching photos.

So,  the next time you’re taking a vacation or searching for a new photoshoot spot, don’t forget to search for any local fields in your area! From directions to blooming season, these are some of our favorite sunflower fields with the best views and best photos. 

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Best Sunflower Fields for Shooting


Located in the heart of Italy, Tuscany is full of wonders but many fail to also visit the beautiful sunflower fields. The flowers have been blooming since around the 18th century, with the yellow spread in every direction – perfect for creating killer content. The fields in Tuscany are also home to a variety of types of sunflower.

We recommend visiting during July when the sunflowers are in full bloom, but always check the season’s weather before planning a trip. Because of their heliotropism, the flowers turn from east to west throughout the day so you’ll get a slightly different view each time you visit. Sunrise or sunset would be best for lighting and minimal crowds.

You can also get there by bike or take a scenic drive through the countryside to get even more photos along the way.  

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Best Sunflower Fields for Shooting

Probably the most popular sunflower fields are the ones on Oahu’s North Shore. You’ve most likely seen these fields all over your Instagram feeds, from up close shots to landscape flower photos.

This field is relatively easy to find, you can even type “DuPoint Pioneer Sunflowers Farm” into your GPS for easy direction. The flowers are pollinated by the local bees and usually have a short lifespan lasting between September through December.

The massive flowers can make for some pretty epic shots such as Ashley Guzman does and her model Michaela Spaulding. Try placing some flowers in the foreground of your shot like above or experimenting with different perspectives.

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Best Sunflower Fields for Shooting

The sunflowers of the Carmona fields in Spain can reach enormous sizes, as shown in Daniela Gomes’ photo above.

Located just northeast of Seville, the fields can be found on the border of the city. Visitors can either arrive by taxi to the sunflower fields or take a tour with Girasoles de Carmona by a horse-drawn buggy. We recommend visiting before July as this is when the blooms usually end.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your shots here! Use their size to your advantage like the photo above, complete with a matching yellow hat. Don’t want to leave the flowers behind? The field also now offers virtual plantations allowing you to adopt a patch of the field while they send you updates of its growth. 

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Best Sunflower Fields for Shooting

With 30 acres of sunflowers, the McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area is home to some amazing blooms.

The wildlife service plants flowers each spring in order to provide food for doves and other animals. Summer is usually the best time to visit, but be sure to check their website HERE for planting dates, expected bloom dates and area regulations. You can even bring your own props from home like Natalia Seth’s matching sunflower umbrella and color coordinate with a yellow shirt.

We recommend staying until sunset so you can catch a glimpse of the sun falling behind the mountaintops for some epic sun rays and lighting.

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Best Sunflower Fields for Shooting

Not only does Colby Farm in Newbury, Massachusetts have delicious pies, syrups, bread and more, it’s also known for its sunflower fields.

The farm grows nearly all of the products they sell at their stand, along with using only organic farming methods. You can find Colby Farm off of Interstate 95 and Route 1, near the historic Newburyport. This year’s sunflowers begin blooming in early September, but remember to check the site for full hours before visiting. Experiment with different angles while you’re there like the photo above and try a higher take on the traditional photo.

This gives you a better perspective of the fields with rows of sunflowers lining your background. 

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Have you visited a sunflower field of your own? Tag us in your photos, so we can check them out.