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High Key Photography — Everything You Need To Know

High Key Photography uses unusually bright lighting to eliminate harsh shadows in an image. This technique can convey a variety of different moods and concepts, but is commonly used to create a fun, airy tone for photographs that are feminine in nature. The term High Key Photography originates from the early days of broadcast television, […]


Every week, H Collective chooses 5-10 of their favorites images from the #MetOnTheHub tag on Instagram and compiles them into a short list for the community to vote on! Every Thursday evening, the photographer and model with the most votes will receive $100 each and H will announce the next set of finalists. In doing […]

Wedit Gives Your Wedding Guests Their Own HD Cameras To Film With

Most couples hire a professional videographer for their wedding, and although the resulting video might be well made, it usually comes across as a bit impersonal. After all, the videographer doesn’t really know the couple or any of the guests. Wedit is here to fix that problem. This innovative service provides your wedding guests with their […]

5 Things That Suck About Job Postings for Creatives

The obsession with levels over compensation.  Since no one wants to post what they are willing to pay as a salary for a job (it’s rare), the shorthand for cheap/affordable/expensive becomes junior/mid-level/senior. I think this is a bit self-defeating. I’m not sure how to solve this problem but it seems to me if you need […]


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