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Top 16 Modeling Agencies in Miami

As a model, you may be wondering if it is worth it to seek representation from a modeling agency. If you’re already getting booked on your own, it may seem unnecessary to fork over a 20% commission fee from each paycheck. Plus, in the age of the social media, it can appear that all of the […]

8 Modeling Agencies in Chicago You Should Know

Known as the ‘Windy City’ and the midwestern hub of the United States, Chicago is a major contender in bringing in some of the best modeling talent in the country. With that being said, there are over dozens of different modeling agencies in Chicago city walls as well as the surrounding metropolitan area. While some […]

10 Modeling Agencies to Know in Florida

When you think of modeling in Florida, you are probably first drawn to the picture of commercial swimsuit advertisements on the beaches of Miami. Although Florida has a thriving scene of sun and sand, there is much more to the modeling industry outside the realms of South Beach. Whether you are considering breaking into commercial, […]

10 Iconic Modeling Agencies In NYC

When thinking of locations that pertain to fashion, beauty, pizazz and glamour, a few of the world’s cities come to mind. One of them being New York City. Many hopefuls looking to make a name for themselves in the modeling business and showcase the latest trends in lux and high-end fashion, head to the big […]

15 New York Modeling Agencies For Women

New York City is often regarded as one of the most important fashion capitals of the world. With an expansive art, creative and commercial scene, the need for great talent is in high demand. In New York, the modeling industry is one of the largest in the world, and New York modeling agencies are home to […]

Polaroid Cameras Are Back, And They’re Better Than Ever

In case you haven’t heard, Polaroid Cameras are back in full force. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, or if you just love the old school vibe of the classic Polaroid style, it’s time to get excited. The whole thing started ten years ago with The Impossible Project, which began as an effort […]

How To Fuel Passion In Your Environment

“There’s never going to be the perfect time to do something. The perfect time to do something is immediately, when you feel like you should do it.” – Director David Wept Fear of the unknown is a common human behavior — one that definitely doesn’t serve us but nevertheless common. Whether that email you’ve been […]

These Are The Best Stylus Pens For Any Tablet

If you’re in need of a new stylus, look no further than these five amazing picks. In our humble opinion, they are some of the best pens currently available, and each one has its own unique perks. So grab your tablet, leave your old stylus behind, and give one of these things a try…


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